Google I’m in Love with You !

Have you ever wanted a multi billion dollar company to get your information to the world in seconds and for the amazingly low price of FREE!

corn on the cobLast week I wrote the post Google Search Results faster than a Speeding Nanite The short of it, I was beginning to notice my blog posts were showing up in regular Google search results in minutes and not days like they used to. I’m not going into the process again here you can read the post.

Here is the point. I’ve been tracking this for all four of the main blogs I write. The results are conclusive. YES! This wonderful amazing company called Google is getting my blog posts to the world in minutes.

I’m in Love,
Oh yes in Love,

I don’t care if the Google Dance is a hard one.
I’m in Love, I’m in Love with you, My Google.

Google The object of my affection

Last night we drove up to Phoenix to pick up a car. It was 1 o’clock in the morning when we got home. I was tired for that matter everyone was tired. So it was a quick check of the sites to make sure all was well (they are like children you know). Next, check email then it was off to bed.

I was brushing my teeth when the lovely tired wife says;
“Oh, I need you to write a blog post about The Oro Valley Farmer’s Market Corn Festival tomorrow.”
I said, “OK, when is it?”
To which I said, “honey, tomorrow is Friday, you want me to write a blog post about an event that will be just one day away. We won’t have time for it to get out in the search engines in one day. I need a few more days, it is better if I have at least four days notice.”

“But Honey, (I hate it when she calls me ‘but honey’ : ) you told me you are having things show up in minutes on Google”

End of discussion. Alarm goes off a little after 6 am. Of to the office (on the other side of the house).

  • Scan the little flyer taken from the refrigerator door.
  • Clip the section on the corn festival
  • Clean up image of corn on the cob
  • Upload the images
  • Write the post
  • Publish
  • Autopinger send ping

I hit the shower and when I come back into the office I do a for Oro Valley Farmers Market Corn Festival. BAM! It says: Posted by Dave 22 minutes ago.

I search Google for the same phrase and Oro Valley Corn Festival.

YES, YES, YES, It is There. 22 minutes after I write and publish a post about the Oro Valley Corn Festival it is announced to the world.

At which point my beautiful wife makes her appearance in the office to find me with a Huge Grin on my face like I was seeing something I shouldn’t.


“Go to Google and type in Oro Valley Corn Festival

She does, and there is our blog post page 1, #1 in Google Search Results.

Am I the ONLY person in the entire blogosphere this is excited about this?

RE Bloggers do you understand the implication of this? Please, please, please say you do.

Google is publishing our Press Releases almost before we finish writing them.


  1. Dave, I really appreciate you stopping by my new blog today. It’s funny that I chose nearly the same blog template as you did…I may have to rethink that decision now…hmmm. I’m still messing with the look and feel, and learning how to use WordPress, but given it’s only 3 days old I’m feeling pretty good.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the RE Blogosphere. You have a good header file image and the cutline theme gives you a good size message area which is one of the things I like about it.

    If you don’t have much to say and want to make it look like a lot, then a theme with a small text area will do the trick. But, if you like large images and tend to get a little wordy like. . . um then at least a 600 px area to write and display images is much better.

    I have three other blogs using a different theme base which give me 680 px. I’ve thought about switching the lab over to it, but will probably keep this theme for awhile longer.

    Keep writing. take lots of pictures and when an idea hits you jot yourself a note. Post as often as you can. And of course pick up tips here at the lab : ) You’ll do fine.

    Once again welcome to RE blogging, it is a great group of men and women.

  3. I’ve noticed that google is quickly indexing the individual posts on my blog, but not nessasaarily the Index page (still daily). Any ideas why?

    I still am not being indexed as fast as you are. I guess I shouldn’t leave it up to WordPress or Blogger to take care of pinging duties.

  4. Todd, I’ve been manually using autopinger because it pings google. Pingomatic and Pingoat don’t have google in the list.

    It is my index page that is showing up in the regular searches in minutes with the new post. It takes the actual post a day or two to be displayed for me.

    I’m also using the sitemap plugin which generates a new sitemap everytime you publish, it says it also notifies google and yahoo, but my google webmaster account never shows the sitemap was resubmitted so I do that daily as well.

    Submitting a new sitemap everyday and posting everyday to the new blog seems to be getting it crawled every day.

    Try autopinger for a few days and see if you aren’t showing up quicker.

    Finally it does make a difference for keywords in the title. Oro Valley Corn Festival is much easier to place than Tucson Real Estate Info. etc

  5. Dave;
    Yep. Seeing it here as well. I do not know why anyone wouldn’t be excited about it either. Heckuva good way to get your message out QUICK.
    What I like most about your blogs is how you use the vivid grpahics to break up the posts and text. VERY effective. I use fireworks to carve up most of my graphics and use istockphoto for the ones that I don;t want / need to take on my own. Any advice??

  6. Eric,

    Fireworks has been my main stay for quite some time. Recently I added Photoshop Elements to the arsonal. It has one function that is worth the entire price. I got the suite for with video added but haven’t done much with it yet. Elements menu Enhance – Adjust Lighting – Shadows/Highlights. This is better than anything in fireworks. But for a drop shadow you can’t beat fireworks. Especially since I have those saved as a script and applied. You can’t do scripting in Elements.

    A new one I’m playing with right now is Nikon Capture NX. They released a new version this last week. You can download it for free for 30 days. It is fully functional. This is for editing Nikon NEF Raw images. But has the ability to edit JPG and TIF with limits.
    The one thing I’ve had time to play with on this is setting edit points. Set a point on a cloud adjust a radius and set another point on the sky adjust the sky, but it won’t change the cloud since a point is already set.
    I had an image yesterday there was a part of a building in deep shadow almost black. I set a point in the middle of the black area brightened it up and it only lightens the dark area to a radius I chose. I did that on a jpg file. That is really cool.

    I’ve only looked into photo services briefly, but istock seems to me to be the biggest. If you can’t find what you need there Fotolia is another place you can look. But I believe istock will have most of what you are looking for in stock imaging.

  7. I get it! I have noticed it and loved it too.

    On another note, I am looking around for any must have WP plugins. Would like to see a bunch of us post what we are using to see what we can learn.

  8. Maureen,

    That is a great idea, I’ll go through the ones I have and post them here. If you want to guest blog on your must have plug ins let me know I’ll be glad to host those posts for any RE bloggers.

  9. I’d love to Dave. I have a boatload of good ones. I think that is a terrific idea. Just let me know and I will send you a post for your approval.


  10. Thats an EXTREMELY impressive turn around for getting the word out about your article.

    Of course you can’t expect to knock out the most competitive keywords, but for niche areas, this is something great!

    Going to go check out autopinger right now. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Google does much undboudtedly, has anyone seen GoogleBase? I found a site that links listings to GoogleBase, It’s a FREE listing service, allows you to upload as many listings as you’d like all for the great low price of FREE. It allows a 5 photo slideshow, the capability to track the amount of visitors have viewed your listings. Being a for sale by owner, i’m extremely impressed with their presentation.

    Check them out, I want to get some feedback and see if I made a good decision by putting my property on this website.

  12. Matt Cutts over at Google writes a great post about this phenomenon called “Minty Fresh Indexing”. You can read the article here:

  13. Hawaii,

    Great link, I like that description Minty Fresh Indexing.

    your comment was trapped in the spam filter as a first post with a link, any further comments with fewer than 3 links should post immediately. Thanks for stopping by the lab.

  14. Not sure if this is the right post to reply to, but my question for everyone is about Google.

    I have been using Google Analytics and Webmaster tools for several months. Analytics is telling me I average about 30 unique visitors and about 75-100 page views per day. Analytics says yesterday I had 22 unique visitors, 55 pageviews,

    I installed StatPress Plugin about 3 days ago and it says I had 53 visitors yesterday and 197 pageviews (looks like it excludes the spiders from that number).

    Thoughts on who is right and why the difference?