Google Dance Update

bent google logoAny body feeling the effects of the Google Dance on the last update a few days ago? I’ve read about an update taking place on a couple of forums. Many seem to have noticed some big changes in their rankings for key search terms. Most were not happy with the new results.

I’ve noticed some brand new sites coming to the first page and to be honest after looking at their sites and doing some quick checking on pages indexed, keywords saturation, fresh content, I’m wondering where did they came from and how long will they be staying.

Has anyone noticed a change in their positions on Google in the last week, since, let’s say the 24th of June?

I would be interested in knowing if your position improved or degraded in the last week or so.


  1. Hi Dave,

    So far I’ve just the usual fluctuation on a few sites, nothing to write home about.

    Have you used this:

    It’s somewhat interesting.

  2. Nope, but I have noticed some of the changes you mentioned.

  3. I have noticed significant changes. Several sites that have held onto top postitions here have been unseated. Those sites rarely had new content and were kind of icky, boring, trashy. But had a lot of the ick going on.

    My 5 month old blog site blasted to page one all over the place and is holding.

    I noticed another change in the last day or so, but am still holding strong.

    I have been hearing that this was going to happen. Google is going to reward good fresh content and sites with back links over sites that have only age going for them at them moment. Will be great for the blogging world.

    It’s gonna get interesting.

  4. Laurie,

    Congratulations on those page one search results.

    Good to hear you are holding and some of the grandfathered sites are finally being moved off.

    I’ve noticed some new movement again last night and today.

  5. Keith Jeppson says

    Haven’t noticed anything in the last week, but then I took a little break from the marathon. Look like I should do some checking. Thanks for the alert.

  6. Some unknown pages jumped to the first positions and i think it’s because they cheat on alexa ranking. But i don’t care coz they will get banned at the end.

  7. Still holding strong and moving up some more. Some of my other sites decided to join me up there, so way kewl. Now, when the heck is that overdue Page Rank Update going to roll through?

  8. Lanie,

    On the PR update, I’ve been wondering the same thing. It does seem the dance continues at Google and they are finally inviting some new partners to the dance.

    I think some of the old content grandfathered sites are finally falling. It is overdue. How long you’ve been around is fine for things like planets, solar systems and mountains, but for websites in search engines it should be those on top of this quickly changing world. And there is noting that does it better than topical content.

  9. Dave,

    Thanks for the great reading and topics on your site. Do you know when the next Google PR update is? We’ve been anxiously waiting to see if our PR increases. Thanks for any help

  10. Jayson,

    Based on the movement I’ve seen lately on most of my sites, I would say it has already happened.

    We just don’t know it yet from our available tools and indicators.

    All Part of the Dance ; )

  11. Dave,

    Thanks for the fast response and information. Sounds like we may have missed out 🙁

    Thanks again

  12. Jayson,

    What makes you think you missed out?

    Have you been checking your positioning in Google Searches?

    Are you using Google webmaster tools?

    You can learn a lot about your inbound and outbound links there.

    You can also see your ranking for keyword queries for your site there. This will tell you more about your site than the PR Green Bar ever will. Consider the PR bar eye candy for fun.

    Google webmaster tools are where the information is really located. And Google Analytics for the real geeks in the crowd.

  13. Drumming my fingers awaiting the PR update still. What is going on, I jump up more every couple of days, this is great, but no update. Very strange.

  14. I do use Google Analytics. Thankfully, I’ve recently stopped visiting analytics every half hour! I’ve also played with Google webmaster tools a little but never got around to verifying site ownership (I don’t have a page to submit) and haven’t been able to utilize all of the tools – I’ll get it done this evening. I think we’re doing pretty well. We’ve been following a lot of suggestions from experienced professionals such as yourself; I read more than I’d ever recommend and don’t post enough. I guess I don’t want to be the guy that leaves 40 links in a post without contributing to the community.

    You mentioned that nothing is better than topical content. Do you have any tips on coming up with blog/article topics? We’re really trying to grow organically and correctly. It seems like everyone is an SEO expert – cheers to the experts… or everyone!

  15. Laurie,

    Like I mentioned to Jayson, just because we don’t see it in our little green bar indicator or our PR ranking tools doesn’t mean a PR update didn’t take place.

    I really would not put it past Google to have changed the way they handle reporting of PR and not letting the rest of the world in on the joke.

    Look at the changes they made in the interface for webmaster tools. It is a totally different look, feel, and change in functionality. Did anyone hear a word about these changes?

    As long as I’m moving in the right direction. UP I don’t care what the PR bar says.

  16. Jayson,

    I’ll get back to you on topical content. I’m right in the middle of updating to WP 2.3.

    Yeah, folks, John goaded me into it. So I’m in the middle, if you have UTW active and have Technorati tagging going, wait a little longer, If just plain tagging, then I’ll have a post on how to handle the upgrade, as usual is isn’t as simple as they make out. I’m doing some more investigating.

    I honestly don’t think the rest of the WP blogging community has ever used tagging to the extent we in RE blogging have.

    Another caveat, Tag In The Head are tied to UTW or Jeromes Keywords. It doesn’t work. Another reason to wait.

  17. I actually enjoyed the last update. My blog went from a PR 0 to a PR 4

  18. James,

    I enjoyed it too. A lot of posts on this site went from PR 0 to 3. But if you keep reading here, you will find PR is only part of it. For me the important PR is “Posting Regularly”. Something I’ve been lax about here lately.

    Hey, some experiments take longer than others. But I know for most of us in RE “Time is of the Essence”

  19. I like that (PR is “Posting Regularly”). However, thats my problem I run out of things to blog about.

  20. James,

    I just went to the blog on the site you have provided and it really does look like you have a problem with blogging topics.

    I only find two posts and the most current on Oct. 30, 2007

    “October 30, 2007

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    Looks like you need some ideas.

  21. Dave, your my motivation. I just added some more posts.