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Are Meta Tags Resurgent?

I was in my Google Webmaster Tools yesterday clicking around as the PR update continues to make its way from data center to data center. I’ve often found a correlation between PR updates and “New Google Toys” to play with in the Webmaster Tools.

Content Analysis popped in there which I hadn’t seems before. (Now that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been there before, it just means I haven’t seen it before. I think sometimes I’m the last person on the RE planet to see things)

google content analysis

If your eyes are as bad as mine, click on the image to see an easy on the eyes version.

I’ve chosen the Lab Results. Some of my sites have more interesting examples but I don’t want you to see any of those with their pants down ( :

Notice I have a 1 “Non-descriptive title tags”. When I clicked it the result was a page title “Contact”. Hum! I wonder what that tells me about Title Tags, specifically, blog post titles. I feel another Hyper Local Target Marketing post coming on.

This is a wonderful tool for fine tuning your meta tags, title tags, descriptions, etc.

Bonus Gem: When Google provides you a tool and that tool has an emphasis on Meta Tags, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions etc. Well let’s just say what my 8th grade science teacher used to say “A word to the wise is sufficient”.

Hey Look Ma, Meta Tags are back in style.


  1. Hi Dave, though you might have missed our announcement at I’m still glad that you like it. Title tags and “description” meta tags are definitely in style, use their power wisely!

  2. John,

    Some days there is just too much to read. Yes I missed it but I’m glad I found it.

    Thank you for the link to the article. I’ve always been a fan of Meta Tags and well crafted Title Tags.

  3. James T Boyer says

    Nice catch Dave, I had not seen that one before ether. I will have to play with it and see what it is all about.

  4. I hadn’t seen that either Dave, I’ll have to check it out. I suspect there is alot back there yet to be discovered for me!


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