Getting Ready for WordPress 2.7

In the beginning, No not the one in Genesis, the beginning of the Lab.   The Lab was the rat.   It was where I tried everything out first, including new release versions of WordPress and all new plugins.   It was the Lab.   It was/is my hobby blog.   If I lost it, no big deal, I still had the business blogs which were the important ones to keep all the content.

The Lab Now Has a Lab Rat

No Lab Rats Were Harmed

No Lab Rats Were Harmed

I think it was just over a year ago I realized the Lab had taken on a new significance beside just my personal journal of how to do things.   It now has a following and readers which far exceed the business blogs for selling Tucson Real Estate.   I think it would be a shame to loose the lab.   It is one of my favorite hang-outs and anytime I might have a writer’s block about Real Estate I can find something to write about here in the lab.

Now I’m about to install WordPress 2.7 If you have read the history of update releases here you know I usually hate them.   They mess with my systems of doing things and I don’t like change for the sake of change.   I like change to be meaningful and reasoned.   I don’t like it when some functionality that worked great before is broken in a new release and the developers at times seem to go on their merry way.   (I’ve never gotten the built in spell checker to work properly after 2.3)

So my little lab rat is For No REal Reason.   It is one of the youngest of my family of blogs and the most bent in thinking.   It is in ways a second cousin to the weenie, but the country cousin that isn’t RE related, thus the for no RE reason.   It will be the first to take the plunge.   It will happen a few minutes after I hit publish on this post.

Preparations for the Upgrade

Even though it is the rat I don’t like harming lab rats.   I like to see them grow, become healthy blogs in their own right and give birth to new lab rats.   Therefore, I take precautions.

  1. I run the the WP Backup function and save the file to my computer.
  2. I log into GoDaddy and back up the SQL database itself.
  3. I back up the entire blog to my Hard Drive.

Okay, call me an over protective parent.   I never want to be accused of mistreating the rats.

Oh, it is so pretty

I got so busy with the backups and updates I actually did the upgrade before I hit publish in this post.   WOW, the admin panel is “pretty”   Everything is moved, everything looks different, but in a good way.   Just clicked on New Post.   Oh, yeah, this is pretty.

If it functions any where near as well as the design has changed it is going to be a wonderful experience.   I’ll let you know how it goes.   Geez, now I have to write a post over there.   Feed the rat some new content and get back to you.   The Lab is next. (Maybe Tomorrow).


  1. Your sitemap, as mine, is now broken. I have no idea how to fix it. Let’s hope we can find a solution.

  2. Will,

    The sitemap seems to be working fine. You might want to check your browser.

  3. You sure? Because when I check yours I get this message:
    Error loading stylesheet: A network error occured loading an XSLT stylesheet:

    Which just happens to be one of the messages I got with mine. Yet when I check PhoenixRealEstateGuy ( it looks just as Arne would want it.

    Looking at yours in IE and it does show up but still not formatted correctly so you may want to check that out.

  4. Will,

    Ah, different sitemap. I thought you meant the one listed as a page in the sidebar. The one you are trying to access no longer exists. I removed the google sitemap plugin and the sitemap a few months ago.

  5. i must say, i’m really impressed with 2.7 upgrade. i migrated my site sometime ago to wordpress, but this backend is much more elegant and easy to navigate.
    and i’ve had no transition problems at all