Getting a Gravatar

gravatarPersonal branding is part of social media. Having an avatar for your comments used to be getting on MyBlogLog and hoping someone had it installed on their blog.

Gravatar support is now (and has been) built right into WP and most themes. Getting your own Gravatar takes all of about 30 seconds.

Go to put in your email address, upload a picture/image and you are done. Every time you leave a comment with that email address the gravatar is automatically assigned to the comment.

I recognize comments often by the gravatar that appears before I see the name.   Same is true from the Dashboard where comments appear.

I still see a lot of comments with the generic avatar.   Getting a Gravatar is so simple and easy.   Do It.

It is a lot easier than setting up a facebook page or thinking of something to say on Twitter.   You wouldn’t have either of those without an image why then do so many   NOT have a Gravatar?


  1. I have one attached with this email so let’s see how it looks like here. I have 4 images attached and I can use any of them. Gravatar is really a good application.

  2. It’s actually kind of funny. I’ve been to a few different blogs and I’ve actually sat and wondered how all those people had their pictures on all of their comments? Now I have the answer. I like the name Gravatar too. It sounds like a superhero’s name. Fighting faceless comments all over the world!