Flock the Sports Car of Browsers

(UPDATE Flock 2 beta)

I’ve just upgraded to Flock 2 which is in beta using the FF3 engine. It is working like a turbo charged sports car now. Top down and running over 100, smooth as glass.

What the Flock

Flock BrowserI couldn’t bring myself to use this as the title. I tried several times, but in the end common sense won out over my bent sense of humor.

You want to start your week out with some fun then try out the Flock browser. I haven’t had this much fun with a new piece of software in a long time.

The Flock browser is based on the Firefox engine. It uses the same engine to be precise. I’ve been using it for just a couple of hours. It seems to function faster, load pages faster and has some great functionality for blogging, social networking, and handling photos.

It has a series of short videos describing the main functions of the browser with more videos available to describe other features and functions buried within the browser itself.

Being a Dial-up Geek means most of you have probably already heard about and tried Flock.

I still have a great deal to learn about this browser and all it has to offer. It seems to handle most of the Firefox plugins and extensions the same way FF does. I think it has a cleaner look and I’m already in my non-intuitive nature finding my way around this browser.

  • I am able to upload photos directly to my Flickr account from the browser.
  • I’m able to activate and follow my twitter account from inside this browser.
  • I can write simple blog posts off line and publish them when I am back online.
  • I can drag and drop images in this browser for most applications including blog posting.
  • I can use my gmail account for correspondence and the browser knows automatically to open gmail

These are just a few of the things I’ve learned in a few minutes.

Flock Blog Editor

It has a built in blog editor which is nice of the drag and drop feature, but it is too basic. You can’t get in and edit code something I hope will change in the future. Often I’m where there is no signal. I end up writing a post then transferring it to a memory stick to transfer it again to the home computer so I can copy and past it into the WP editor. The blog editor saves it offline and when you get to where you have signal you can publish and tweak the post on your blog. Still to basic to be of much use but a nice feature with potential.

Flock Flickr File Management

It is easy to group upload directly to your flickr account from Flock. It is very similar to the Flickr uploader except you can grab a bunch of files and move them to the upload window all at once instead of one at a time. Tagging, naming, are in this window as well.

There is also a flickr slide show bar at the top of the browser that can be turned on.

Flock World

There is a tab My World where you customize every thing you want at your fingertips. I haven’t even ventured in there yet.

Flock A Member of A Flock

Flock is easy to install and doesn’t have to be the only browser on your system. You can choose to use it whenever you want. I’m finding it much faster than FF and a lot more fun than IE. If you are a button clicker and love intuitive discovery of features you will love Flock. It bills itself as the Social Media Browser and it really is.

Flock being built on the Firefox engine will always have the power of FF but with the additional tools to manage Social Media and Networks in a very fast and positive way.

I think I’ve just found my new browser of choice. I never thought I would move from FF, but the issues of speed and a few annoying habits of FF which have not manifest themselves in Flock are leading me to be a solid supporter of Flock World and Browser.

Final Flock Thoughts

I’ve written this entire post in the Flock Browser. My WP saves are fast. It is like I’m back on broadband again. In FF it seems everything has slowed to a crawl. Many times I try and save and it hangs then I get a save the .php file message and try again. Flock has fantastic speed which has made writing and searching online a blast once again. Flock is the sports car of browsers and I love being behind the wheel.

WoW! the Dial-up Geek in a Social Media Browser, what is the world coming to.


  1. Great review of Flock. I’ve heard good things in the past, but I’ve always resisted. I think this post may finally push me to download and give it a whirl.

  2. Adam,

    Let me know what you think of Flock once you take it for a spin.

  3. So can you extend the functionality of Flock ala FF3? Do you envision yourself using the FF3 browser for some activities and Flock for others?

  4. Jason,

    I installed FF3 before general release. None of the extensions I use were compatible at the time and it didn’t work very well, very slow.

    I went back to the previous version. I haven’t upgraded to FF3.

    Right now I don’t see myself going back to FF. Everything I want is in Flock. All the FF extensions work in Flock since it is the FF engine. Unless something surfaces I don’t see myself going back to FF for the reasons I mentioned in the post. However, I will upgrade to FF3 to see if there are significant speed changes with more stability.

  5. Thanks Dave.

    I’ve had some similar extension issues with FF upgrade. Although I only miss TinyURL. FF3 does seem cleaner, more stable, faster. I’ve loaded my profile with many extensions and scripts so the speed improvement was noticeable.

    Curious if you use Greasemonkey? If so, does it work smoothly on Flock?

  6. Jason,

    I don’t even know what Greasemonkey is. In my day of shade tree mechanics it was anyone that worked on cars LOL.

    Have to see what I can find out about it.

    Now that I’m on Flock 2 beta there might be some FF extensions that don’t work, but before I switched to version 2 all I had to do was go to FF extensions and they would install in Flock just like FF.

  7. Gotcha. Check out Greasemonkey. It’s an extension that let’s you tweak out websites in unique useful ways. You install Greasemonkey scripts much like you install add-ons for FF or Flock. Very useful.

    I’ll give Flock a try. Thanks for the review and replies. Talk to you soon.

  8. Jason,

    Just installed Greasemonkey in Flock 2. Have no idea what it does or even where to find it but it installed in Flock and Flock restarted without issues.

    Still don’t grasp what it does or even where to find it in the browser. Off the bat I’m leery of anything with the word “Javascript” in it.

  9. I’m too naive to know the dangers of javascript but here’s a few I like. FYI, they do break once in awhile and you have to wait for the author to update (which stinks, but I quit caring about that when I decided to embrace open source).

    Gmail HTML Signatures –
    http://snipurl.com/2rp83 – Automatically inserts HTML signatures into your Gmail messages based on which address you are sending from.

    Google Reader Preview –
    http://snipurl.com/2rp7h – Adds a “Preview button” to Google Reader that allows you to view actual article in a frame.

  10. Jason,

    I don’t use Google Reader so don’t need that one, I have a Google notebook shortcut to my sig file. But I’ll look at that one since I’m still lost as to what this thing does.

    Thanks for your input.

  11. Jason,

    It looks like the gmail sig script has been replaced with an extension. It also looks like the extension might have some issues depending on the circumstance. I’ll have to look at this later, for now my notebook solution works fine.

  12. Dave,

    A few more…

    iGoogleMax – http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/7912 – Increases screen space on iGoogle homepage by removing header.

    Modified Gmail Macros v. 2.0 – http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/14189 – Process your email with shortcuts. Essential script.


    p.s. Hundreds of scripts exist. Would love to hear of any you discover.

  13. ah but there is so much more to flock, like the way it works with flickr for viewing photos and keeping track of group posts and much more. It also works well for writing posts on blogger and on typepad.

  14. @Teresa Boardman – LOL, I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of Flock. As mentioned in the post I’ve been using it to upload and manage my Flickr account as well as tracking updates of others on Flickr I track on the “My World” Tab.

    I’m sure you will find even more great things about Flock especially since you are such a GEEK!