Firefox Spell Check Auto Save Publish

I have a regular routine I use before I hit the publish button.

  • Preview and actually Read the post
  • Edit it again
  • Create the excerpt for the post
  • Add the tags
  • Check the category (is it the default or the one I want the post to be in)
  • Check spelling with Firefox spell check
  • Publish
  • Look at the live post

WordPress Auto Save

A couple of weeks ago I completed this routine and when I looked at the live post there were my bold red and green words that had come up on the spell check in Firefox.

I don’t know if I forgot to turn off the spell check routine before I hit publish or if the auto save function kicked in while I was running the spell check and I hit publish. Whatever tripped it. I didn’t want my spell checking highlighted and on display for the entire world to see.

Red and Green Text Solution

The fix was easy:

  • back to the editor
  • spell check
  • turn off spell check
  • republish

Firefox put all back to normal and in a matter of seconds my red and green admissions to “I am a craptastic speller” were hidden once again. Actually, I can spell, I can’t type.


  1. I think the red/green was just that you can’t wait for Christmas. 🙂

  2. Which version of WP did this happen on? The reason I ask is yesterday on a new blogsite I am playing with a few changes didn’t save when I hit publish. Had to go back and do them a second time…it happened to me 3 times. I’m running version 2.5.1.

  3. Ken,

    It happened on 2.5.1 But I think it could happen to any version if you don’t turn off the spell check before publishing.

  4. I am sure it could happen, just was thinking maybe you had actually done your whole routine and it was a WP error. On three separate pages I had it not keep my most recent changes when I saved then published, think there is a small glitch somewhere for this to happen.

  5. Ken,

    From what you describe, I would say it was a FF issue more than WP.

    I’ve had some really strange things going on with FF while trying to save and publish. I go to IE 7 and all is fine. Same now with Flock which I love more everyday I use it.

  6. Ken Smith says:

    It could be FF, just never had the issue on any of my other blogs while on previous versions of WP. To many variables to know for sure.

  7. @Ken Smith – “Too many variables. . .” LOL, isn’t that the truth. Seems to be the story of our tech lives doesn’t it.

  8. Ken Smith says:

    @Dave Smith – No doubt about it.

    I was trying to fix a bug on a site yesterday and after way to much time of messing with code I found I had put a “.” instead of an “,” talk about a pain in the butt. Was starting to think that it was an issue with the theme I was using, then maybe the browser….and so on. All those variables made me waste a lot of time as I should have been looking closer at my coding.

  9. @Ken Smith – I’ve been bit by more comma’s in the butt than I care to shake a period at : )

    Then we just say DUH!

  10. That is so funny. I have never done that but have thought I would end up doing it. keep up the great posts.