Firefox and IE 7 Display

I’ve waited for a very long time to update IE to version 7.   Our local MLS software was not compatible with IE 7 when it first came out.   I recently checked again to see if any of the recent work they have done on the software changed this.   It is now functional with IE 7 (but not Firefox).   I thought it was time for a change and my IE 6 has been crashing practically everytime I open it.   This past week I intalled IE 7 and had a option of font display during the intallation process to make the fonts enhanced and smoother and easier to read on screen.   In essence it seems to bold almost every font making them thicker and darker on screen.   For those of us using reading glasses to see our screen, much easier to read.

I was amazed the difference between IE 7 and Firefox.   I’ve been using FF as my main browser and only using IE for those sites that were not compatible with it.   However, I am writing this using IE 7 and I have to admit it is much easier to read and see the screen.   IE 7 is loading my web pages much faster than FF and in the RTE that I’m using to write this I don’t get the hesitant backspace or a double backspace that I get when editing and typing in FF.

Here are two screen shots from IE 7 and FF of  part of todays post on Tucson AZ Real Estate blog.  

IE and FF browser display

As you can see the IE shot is clearer and smoother than that of FF.  

There are still a lot of things about IE I don’t care for.   But I do wish FF would load faster than it has been since the last update and I wish I could get the same fonts to display in FF as they are now displaying on IE.

For the time being, I’m back to using IE for all my blog editing.   It is so much easier on the eyes.

Anybody wanting to weigh in on how to get FF to display fonts in the same way IE 7 does I would be glad to hear about it.   Getting FF to load and add   new tabs quicker would also be a bonus of information.


  1. As I understand it Microsoft added a special typeface clarity thing into IE7. So likely no option to get this going in Firefox.

    I agree that it is a great improvement viewing in IE7 than IE6. Never used Firefox, so can’t really comment on whether it’s better or not.

  2. Great post… There’s no doubt IE 7 is markedly better than IE 6. If you’re having a problem with the loading time when using Firefox, perhaps you should try downloading the beta version for their upcoming release. I’ve been using it for quite a while, and noticed an impressive improvement in loading time.

  3. I hear FF 3 is coming sometime soon to a box near you. I hear it has some cool things with it, maybe it’ll have better readability as well?

  4. Athol, then you are in luck and so is your eye sight.


    I really like FF but right now my eyes really like IE.

  5. I’m somewhat like Athol, in that until somewhat recently, I had never considered using FireFox. I had had no need, and couldn’t really understand what all of the fuss was ever about. A browser is a browser is a browser.

    The I installed Firefox sometime in the last several months (probably feeling pressure from all of you bloggers), and was aghast at how badly the fonts get displayed. There are a couple of things I like Firefox for, but I much prefer IE for its readability.

  6. FF3 is in the 2nd beta phase and we still have about a month I would say. I like IE has a browser better but it doesn’t have the SEO tools that I need. Which is why I had to switch to FF. I am sure that you still use FF for somethings right Dave? You are well skilled in the art of SEO.

  7. I never asked, does IE have SEO tools? Well I could probably check that out myself.

  8. I wasn’t a fan of IE7 from day one, and switched all of my computers back to 6 after just a couple of days.

  9. Paul,

    I don’t use any of the SEO tools in FF. Not sure I even have them as an add on.

    I’m about the least geeky of a geek there is.

    All that kind of stuff just seems to allude me.

  10. I’ve decided to give IE7 another shot – we’ll see if I’m happier on the second go around. If not, maybe FF will get a shot.

  11. Thanks for the informative article. I use FF occasionally and never noticed a difference in how fonts are displayed. I’ll go check it out.

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