Firebug for Firefox

Fire Ants Don't Use Firebug they are one

Fire Ants Don't Use Firebug they are one

I use this almost every day of my life.   It was back in July of 2008 that Brad Carrol left one of those “golden egg” comments.   It changed my life.   Debugging a blog has never been the same since.     Here is Brad’s Comment:

Hi Dave,

I put together a quick video overview of Firebug I figured it was easier than typing out lots of instructions. You can check it out here – (I am not one to leave links in comments but in this case, I thought it may be acceptable).

Let me know if you have any questions.

If you are not familiar with Firebug.   Stop and view this video Brad made.

I met Brad in person for the first time at reblogworld in Las Vegas this past week.   Oh I suppose the hashtag should be included here as well #rebw09.   We have worked together long distance on the reblogworld blog.   He is doing some great video things for the site.   “Video things” being a technical term.

Mana Tulberg and Ventura County Real Estate

A couple days ago Mana put out a tweet about how frustrated she was with her blog formatting.   I figured it was a css issue and with the help of firebug I was able resolve all the issues with her over the phone in about 10 minutes.

I looked up Brads comment with the link and decided it was time to share this little Geek Gem for those who might have missed it back then.

Great to meet you Brad and Thanks again for sharing this great tool.


  1. Hi Dave, I actually used the Firebug last night to hack into my blog and change some stuff around. I was shocked by how easy it is to navigate around and hack into the CSS.
    Thank you again for all your help.
    .-= ManaTulberg´s last blog ..When Selling Your Home: Four Things to Consider When Decorating your Home for the Holidays =-.

  2. Firebug is my best friend

    Web developer is cool too

    Colorzilla is nice as well
    .-= Loren Nason´s last blog ..Do You Know What a Browser Is? =-.

  3. I love Firebug and have had it for quite awhile. I must admit I forget it’s there, so thanks for reminding me to use it!
    .-= Kristal Kraft´s last blog ..Have we lost all common sense? =-.

  4. Ever since I discovered firebug, it has been my best friend. It is by far the best tool I know of to trouble shoot issues with my blog. Thumbs up to the developers, and thanks for the great video as well!

  5. Dave, I installed firebug a while back after a post you did and that tool is absolutely invaluable. I am not a hard core coder, but that let’s me poke around enough until I figure it out. Thanks so much for that tip. I’m a little behind, but I just found out about REBar in SD and plan on attending. I hope to meet you there.

  6. Mike,

    Thanks for dropping by the lab and sharing how valuable Firebug is for you as a casual coder.

    I look forward to meeting you at REBarCamp SD.


  7. Firebug is one of the best tools to trouble shoot problems and make changes to your css on your blog. A must have tool!
    .-= Tony Sena´s last blog ..Condo in Gated Community in Summerlin for Rent =-.

  8. When I first saw the heading about Firebug, I panicked! You see, I just downloaded FireFox and was trying to figure out how to use it, following one link from a blog to another, and then your post caught my eye… I THOUGHT IT WAS ABOUT A BUG IN THE SOFTWARE! You know, a virus type of warning. WHEW! Obviously this is something else I need to add while I’m out it (if Krystal thinks it’s a good tool, it must be!) hee-hee.

  9. I have also used Firebug. It’s a great tool to discover how other pros have added features to their blogs or site. I have a VERY basic knowledge of html and code, so It’s helped me learn quite a bit.