File Uploads to Your WordPress Blog for the Road Warrior

Road Warrior

Upload on the Road

The WP Easy Uploader is a great tool for your blogging toolbox even if you don’t use it very often.

WP Easy Uploader

This plugin allows you to upload files, any type of files, to any directory on your hosting.   Granted it requires permissions to do so, but on most hosting packages that’s not an issue.

But I FTP into all my sites, why would I need WP Easy Uploader.

I do that too, when I’m home in the office.   But I don’t have FTP access setup on my laptop.   For one thing it is a security issue.   I don’t want FTP login information for all my sites on my laptop.   I don’t think my clients want that either.   But with Easy Uploader installed on all of my blogs I don’t need it.   I don’t even need my laptop.   Any computer that will get me to the admin panel of my blog will let me upload files to the blog from inside the admin panel.

Clients and Friends without FTP access or knowledge

Here is the other time when WP Easy Uploader comes in real handy.   Not everyone I work with or help with their blog even knows how to FTP into their blog.   They have hosting, yes, and they had their host install wordpress for them and email them their login.   That’s as much as they have ever done or known about their blog.

They don’t even know what FTP stands for.   But with WP Easy Uploader all I need is user name and password and I’m in.   They don’t have WP Easy Uploader installed;   easy I install it from “Add New” and then upload whatever files I need for the blog.

Easy access to my blogs while on the road;   easy access to friends and client’s blogs without FTP logins are two great reasons for installing WP Easy Uploader.

I don’t even have to provide you a link.   Simply go to Plugins “Add New” and search for WP Easy Uploader.   You are good to go.

Isn’t this stuff just too cool.


  1. You are so right. Everytime I re-generate my FTP password it seems I need to login from an alternate computer and am unable to because I only login through my work pc. To be able to do this through the “backend” would be great.
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