Feeding Your Inner Geek while Feeding the Family

But I want to do the fun stuff. . .     I overheard this, no I didn’t over hear it, actually it was in a conversation yesterday with a colleague getting in touch with her inner geek.   We’ve been working together on a couple of projects.   Honestly, the geeky stuff is the fun stuff.   I know when I see a person who hasn’t really discovered their inner geek yet.

How to Spot The Inner Geek

This isn’t as hard as it might seem.   There are a couple of easy tests.

While in a conversation say:

“I was able to make the entire site change by tweaking the style.css file.   By adding a couple of div tags, formatting the #sidebar h2 tags with a couple adjustments to the list-style-type tags and it changed dramatically”

Once said, look in their eyes, if they are glazed over like a deer in the headlights, “No Inner Geek”.   If they perk up and have a gleam in their eye, but look a bit puzzled, there is a spark of inner geek waiting to be feed.   If they ask an intelligent question, Okay, if they ask any question, they are on their way to discovering their inner geek.

Once The Inner Geek is Discovered Now What

Here is where the rubber meets the road, or the addiction takes hold.   If you let the inner geek out, and especially if it takes control, well . . .

I’ve know a few bloggers who have lost control of their inner geek. (‘ll confess, it happens to me from time to time) they too are easy to spot.   How?

Their blog theme’s are always changing, but they haven’t written a post in weeks.   They spend all their blogging time feeding the inner geek.   “I can move those sidebar headlines to the right a few pixels and they will line up better”.   “The sidebar needs to be a little closer to the content area” . “I want the blog name to be higher and bolder in the header”.   “What if all the links were red once visited, but blue if they haven’t been clicked on?”

See what I mean?   So much time is spent geeking on the blog that no content gets written.   So one day the guilt ferry comes (yeah, it is a ferry, not a fairy)   because that boat rolls into your business harbor and you suddenly realize it has been weeks since you wrote a new blog post.

You want to, but the words don’t come, You really need to get your brokerage logo in the sidebar and update your contact information.   The call to action buttons are only an idea, and you really know you should have those on the blog.   Should I write a post? about what?   or open photoshop elements and make some cool call to action buttons?

Tweaking your blog won’t increase your google traffic.   All the SEO in the world won’t matter if you only have 30 posts on your blog.

“Really?”   Yes, really, I know, inner geek bubble burst.   SEO is important, but it is like teaching your two year old how to shave.   No need.   You have to have something to SEO.

No matter how pretty you make your blog look, no matter how quickly the page load time, it won’t feed your family.   It won’t bring business in the door.

Oh, Geez, you mean I have to write, YIKES!   I was afraid this would happen some day.   But you don’t have to write the great American novel.

Embrace your Inner Geek, but don’t let it ruin your life and business.


  1. OHHHH this is sadly me – my inner geek gets to play a lot these days and I can’t count how many times I have said ‘div tag’ ‘your stylesheet’ and ‘go to the hook’ today alone. You’re right as soon as you see the eyes glaze over you know…But back to your point – you’re so right – you have to add content and more content – we preach it to our agents constantly!! Thank you for pointing this out.
    .-= Malita Jones´s last blog ..East Austin Coffee Shop Cafe Mundi Says Goodbye =-.

  2. Yeah…this is tricky. It’s easy to get sucked into tinkering. We somehow fool ourselves that it’s more important to tinker than actually getting things done that will pay the bills. I’ve had to be a bit of a slave-driver on this with my assistants. 🙂

  3. My inner geek is an amateur I think and hasn’t gotten in the way of my blogging yet. I will say that tracking activity on my blog can some days substitute for success in real estate. Pipe line a little lean? But I’ve had XXX hits on my blog today! No problem – things are great!
    .-= Liz Bolton´s last blog ..Fireplaces at 37 Lancaster Street, Cambridge =-.

  4. Jamie,

    Sucked into tinkering is my middle name.


  5. Guilty. Luckily I am the geek and there are other people generating the content (auctions).
    .-= RAI´s last blog ..100386 – 803 E 6Th St Apt 201 Newport KY 41071 – March 10th thru March 24th =-.

  6. So guilty, but then I realized that you can do simple things to trick your inner geek into writing actual content. You know, things like writing about how your inner geek is trying to take over.. You can even make a blog post asking your audience, if changing the colors of the links from blue to red is good bad or indifferent. Wait…oh you do understand this, that’s how you can up with this topic, ha!

    Hey i gotta go, I think my writers block just went away, or I decided my link colors and column width and font type is all wrong, you’ll never know.

    James Mucci – Michigan Refinancing
    .-= James Mucci´s last blog ..21 Factors Reviewed When Qualifying for a Michigan Refinance or Purchase Mortgage – And Only One is Your Credit Score! =-.

  7. Oh yea, that’s me. I just started doing this website stuff two weeks ago and my inner geek is coming WAY out. I had to create a check list (another geek move) to keep focused on the daily stuff that needs to be done for real SEO benefits. #1 MUST Blog! #2 etc…

    Houston TX Mortgage

  8. Hahaha… I’ve found myself here. Trick the same! 🙂

  9. I have an inner geek I want to know how to move my sidebars. 🙂

  10. Ken,

    If you were using WordPress moving those sidebars would be pretty easy. But you have a table design. All I can say is . . . Good Luck.

    And . . . Think about moving to WordPress.


  11. No truer words ever said, you have to focus on writing those blogs and tweeking all the things we think we need to tweek and before you know it the day is gone. You haven’t seen your family, you haven’t answered your phone and no sales or offers. We can geek,nerd and tweek all day but don’t forget the important stuff. Happy Easter.

  12. Suzanne,

    True, true, true . . . Holy Kow, its Easter?


  13. Nice post. I am new here but enjoyed a lot. I have read many posts here and learned a lot today. Thank you for all this valuable stuff specially for Real Estate Industry

  14. I definitely get puzzled looks at my office when I start talking about web-design and SEO. I think it’s great though that so many people want to keep learning and try to figure out more on their own online instead of outsourcing everything!
    .-= White Rock Property´s last blog ..New Options Realty =-.

  15. LOL, I particularly liked the comment about changing the CSS style. Oh, the pride we take in the little things we do (but those things are what differentiate us from our competitors).

  16. My inner geek is constantly feed by the process of seo… its a never ending learning process.

  17. Nathan,

    That’s too bad, SEO is such a bland diet. There is so much more to experience. SEO is like buying cookbooks and taking classes on how to cook, but never cooking.


  18. This is actually kind of a funny post; funny to me because I can relate to, and have experienced, everything you describe. My inner geek was let our a long time ago. And, aside from online forums and blogs like these, I have almost no one in my day-to-day life who can relate to anything remotely technical. The eye glazing is very real.

    For me, the challenge is to not get so caught up in hacking the PHP to make endless tweeks that I forget about the more important stuff. Still, sometimes these tweeks are very important. The world belongs to geeks now–and businessmen.
    .-= Anthony´s last blog ..Mother’s Day Brunch at Indianapolis Restaurants Celebrate Mom =-.

  19. I’m an inner geek novice but I’m learning everyday and there are a lot of challenges but over-all the learning process is the fun part. Thanks for imparting such great thoughts!!!!!!