Fair Housing and Real Estate Blogging

Fair Housing LogoI just attended a fair housing class for my license renewal.   I always love this class, it makes me never want to talk to another living person about real estate. I’m glad the work I do involves never taking a listing and never writing a contract.   I do help show properties to clients and on occasion even take them out, but that is the exception not the rule.

This isn’t a post about Fair Housing issues.   It isn’t about Fair Housing questions of what you can do or not do, or what you can say or not say.

If a Fair Housing issue ever arises in your practice and a complaint is filed against you for a Fair Housing violation as a Realtor, you are automatically assumed guilty and it is up to you to prove your innocence.

The preponderance of the evidence will weigh heavily in what happens to you in this situation.

It was recommended that we put the Fair Housing Logo on:

  • Our Business Cards
  • Our Open House Signs
  • Our For Sale Signs
  • All Flyers

It was also recommended we have a  document  we have signed at our brokerage stating  we will not engage in the practice of Housing Discrimination.

Here is my point.  

Do you have a Fair Housing logo oneach one of your blog post and pages as well as your website.   This is especially true if you have a single property site or have listings displayed and available for viewing on your site or blog.

I would also recommend you put a statement like “Information Deemed Reliable But NOT Guaranteed” on each page of your website or blog.  

I’ve added the Fair Housing Logo and the above statement in the footer.php of each of our blogs and web sites.

Is it required in all these cases,  that’s not the point.   If you have to prove your innocence it is easier to do if you have lots of evidence in your favor.


  1. Realtor ethic classes always got to me too.

    first of all, Realtor is just another name for real estate agent, nobody can tell the difference between a Realtor, which has had the 3 hour ethics course, to a real estate agents that has not had any training in ethics…

    another tag line you forgot to put in your post goes on your postcards that you mail to your farm. I believe it is something like “If you are already working with an agent, please disregard”

  2. Matt,

    Thanks, never thought about mailings, we don’t do any. We don’t have a farm. Or maybe you could say “The World is Our Farm” : )

  3. I just happened to catch your comment and have often had similar feelings regarding real estate. Just wondered what your current real estate related work is that doesn’t require that level of commitment, ie. listings and buyers. I think I’d like to talk with you. C

  4. Those are all great points you make.