Dynamic Widgets

This is one cool tool for your blog tool box.

Here is why . . .

When I first saw this new plugin pop-up today I thought it was another form of:

where you can select where you want the widget to appear or not to appear.

I almost skipped over it.   With those mentioned above and the My Snippets Widget plugin I can pretty much control where my widgets will appear.   But Dynamic Widgets is different.

Dynamic Widgets isn’t a Widget

When you activate the plugin you won’t find a dynamics widget to add to your sidebar and tell it where to appear.   But under Appearance you will find a new option called “Dynamic Widgets”   When you get to that screen it will list the active and inactive widgets on your blog; all of them.

Here is the cool part.   Select “Edit” on any of your active widgets and the option to make them Dynamic (You control when and where they show up, you set the rules for them to make an appearance).   It is a tool, to make all your existing “Static” widgets, “Dynamic”.

I haven’t played around with this much yet.   And I can see if you already have a widget from “My Custom Widgets” or “Advanced Text Widget” etc. you won’t want to confuse things by trying to add another layer to those widgets with Dynamic Widgets.   (For example you have a Widget to only display on your home page.   Don’t try and have Dynamic Widgets Display it on a different page or post.)

I like the functionality of this plugin.   It makes customizing the display of content in any widgetized area very easy.

It is becoming very easy to have only certain links and content appear in your sidebar or widget areas.   This targets your links.   It tailors the navigation guiding your visitor to where you want them to go.   It makes any site   flexible.

Take Dynamic Widgets for a spin.   Let me know what you think.   You can find it by going to:

“Plugins – Add New” and searching for “Dynamic Widgets”.

Have I mentioned how much I like being able to install plugins from inside WordPress?


  1. Great timing of this post. I’ve been looking for a plugin like this. I’m hoping this will work the way I want. For example, if I have a page/post about a specific city or community I can display a widget with other posts/pages related to that community.
    .-= Gary Sattelberger´s last blog ..Going Once… Going Twice… Sold to the Highest Bidder! =-.

  2. Gary,

    That’s not really how this works. This will make any widget display where you want it to. It doesn’t select the content to go inside. For what you describe the best plugin is “My Snippets” That one allows you to put content/links in the sidebar for a specific post page. When installed, my snippets puts a text area below the post editor. You fill in there what you want to appear just for that post. Then you put the “My Snippets Widget” in the sidebar where you want the content to appear in the sidebar. When there is a snippet, it appears, when not it doesn’t.


  3. This looks pretty cool. I’m still fairly new when it comes to WordPress, just started my personal blog a couple months ago. I think I’ll give this plugin a try, though your description of the My Snippets plugin in your response to Gary sounds like it might be more fitting for what I’m trying to do. I’ll have to check that one out too.
    .-= Josh´s last blog ..Winnipeg Movers =-.

  4. Nice list of plug-ins. Are they all compatible with a WordPress blog?

  5. Alex,

    Did you read the post or just leave a comment? This site is about WordPress for Real Estate. It wouldn’t make any sense to list something that wasn’t WP compatible.

    Yes, everything mentioned here is WP compatible.


  6. Thanks for the response. To answer your question, yes, I did read your post BEFORE commenting. Nevertheless, wordpress is not mentioned until the very last word of the post (hence, emphasis was more on blog applications/platforms rather than wordpress specifically). And I found your blog through a google link, so I didn\’t know that the entire site here is dedicated to wordpress (a connection that would not be made by most random visitors).

  7. Alex,

    That’s why I asked, because it is rare to get someone here that isn’t searching for an answer related to WordPress, unless they are randomly salting comments around for backlinks.

    Those comments are dumped in the spam filter immediately. I published yours to find out more and if you hadn’t read the post, that was ok too. But having read it I found out that sometimes people do wander in here unaware this is all about WordPress.

    Thanks for the reply. You’re always welcome here at the Lab.


  8. Sounds like a very interesting tool to control my widgets. When you select where you want the widget to appear can you select specific settings for the widget on that page?
    .-= Hubert Miles´s last blog ..Harbour Crest in Tennessee =-.

  9. Hubert,

    You don’t get to pick where on a page it appears. That is determined by your widget areas on your site. You do get to pick what pages or post it will appear on.


  10. Sounds like a very interesting tool to control widgets thanks a lot
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  11. Thanks for the info Dave, I will definitely give it a try. I love that this blog is about WORD PRESS and the things you can do with it! I haven’t bothered learning to build my own template yet, I am afraid that the HTML would be too cluttered and would affect SE placement.

  12. in ref to dynamic headers – I installed it today and it works fine except when I log off WP – the headers are nowhere to be found ?

    am i doing something wrong or could it be the custom theme I’m using ?


  13. Juan,

    Your question is rather cryptic. Either your headers appear or they don’t. I’m going to guess you mean you see them to add to pages or post but they don’t appear on the site from the front end.

    Either you didn’t read the readme.txt or you missed the part where you have to place the php code in the theme where you want the header image to appear.


  14. yes sir, done that already 😉 –

    the custom headers only appear if I’m logged in – otherwise the page looks as if nothing was ever done to it. if you want and have time, i can send you admin access (it’s a test site anyways – one of many) so you can poke around 😉