Dynamic Headers Plugin

I’ve used Dynamic headers with several themes.   Recently I installed it on Twenty Ten.   It is a great way to have a different header image for any page or post.

It requires a code insert into the header.php but it is fairly simple to do.   It might take a little trial and error to get the code in the right “slot” but when you do, it really adds some nice functionality to your site.

Dynamic Header Images

What we are really talking about with Dynamic Headers is images, not text or code.     Dynamic headers requires you to add a headers-image directory in your wp-content directory.   Therefore, you will need FTP access to your site to create and configure this directory.   Most of us on self-hosted WP installs use that type of access all the time.

Once installed you will find a new Headers section in your admin selection area.

The first thing you need to do is upload some header images.   There is a place to to that from the admin level for Headers.   Name them so you know what they are.   Much easier than DCS_1045.jpg when it comes time to assign them to a page or post.   You can add images anytime.

You will want to keep them the same size.   You will also need to know what size that is depending on your theme layout.

Once you have some files uploaded you can setup the default header image for pages and posts, blog, etc. from the options page under Headers.

When you create a new page or post scroll down well below the edit window and you will find a new section for Dynamic Headers.   There will be a dropdown where you can select one of your custom header images; otherwise the default image is used.

I’ve used the header image rotator plugin for for several years on a couple of my sites.   It works similar by randomly rotating the header images. You have no control over what header image will appear or when.

Dynamic Headers Perfect for Real Estate Blog Posts

Dynamic Headers gives you complete control.   Write a post about a subdivision; insert an image in the header of the entrance.   Write about a park or event, put a header image to match on those posts.   It is a great way to get the opportunity to display an image and not take away from the post area.

Dynamic headers is a wonderful way to add variety to your blog.

Find it by Searching Dynamic Headers under Plugins “Add New”


  1. Awesome Idea! I have spent a ton of time setting up images for the various pages of my real estate website. I have developed a neat little system of editing/resizing the photos on my neighborhood profiles. I might not be willing to take the time to redo what I have done already, but this is definitely something I am going to look into for future pages. Could be a good way to free up some space in my actual content section. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for this, I was just looking for something like this for a site I’m working on.

  3. Do you suggest to use sql database with a good list of keywords to generate data for the dynamic headers?

  4. Henrik,

    I’m going to guess there is a language barrier here. Dynamic headers are images. This plugin has nothing to do with keywords or sql databases. It is about changing header images for any page or post.


  5. This is a great article, thanks for the info. For my main site I am using the Atahualpa theme but I am using Twenty Ten on another site so I will take this information and apply it to that site.

  6. I’ve been contemplating implementing something like this on my blog. I know TwentyTen has this feature built in. I’m using a highly modified AgentPress theme that i’ve customized to no end but it may be time for a redesign… hmmm

  7. One concern I would have is that you loose a lot of branding oportunity by constantly changing the header image. The alternative I use is the custom image feature in the latest versions of WordPress. It does need some coding to set it up in the theme, but then you can apply an image to each post or page and also reference that image on the index page as a hoo to the post.

  8. Charlie,

    It depends on the design of your theme and the location of your branding. I’ve designed several themes recently that have a special area blow the standard header area where the dynamic headers appear for posts when a special images is desired.

    My main blogs for Tucson and Oro Valley have used rotating dynamic headers (using a much older plugin) for years. Our main branding is at the top of the sidebar. But our branding has been enhanced by the various photos in the header area.

    I’ve worked recently on several event sites where those dynamic header images were a huge plus. Dynamic headers allows us to think outside the typical Box and Branding.