Don’t Forget to Empty the Trash

Empty The Trash


This isn’t a cool new plugin, or feature of WordPress for this post.

It is about house cleaning and keeping from making an SEO flub (flub is a technical term)

I’ve run into this on a few client sites lately.  Here’s the situation:

You create a new post or page and get to working on the thing and something goes wrong and you figure it is easier to just start over than it is to try and fix it.

Toilet paper hanging from your shoe

You delete the post (Put it in the trash) and you start over.  When WP went to using a trash system instead of straight to delete, things changed; the permalink for the trashed page or post was “reserved” in case you wanted to remove it from the trash.  This means that when you create the new page or post it won’t have the same permalink, instead it gets a -2 at the end. (Which is not a good thing for SEO and is the toilet paper on the shoe effect)


The Solution to getting back the permalink

When you trash a page or post you should get in the habit of going to the trash and permanently deleting “Empty the Trash”  this will free up the permalink and you can now start over and not have it show up.

It’s not a big thing, but you go to all the work of creating the post twice, there’s no reason to announce to the world “I screwed up the first attempt“.


  1. I never thought about this! I will be checking my posts for that tab of toilet paper hanging out now! Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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  4. I had toilet paper on my shoe and my fly was open. Thanks for the tip.