Do you utilize the site command?

PS. Up front, if you use the site command you still might want to read this post.

I’m often asked “How’s my site doing”   I’m not getting much traffic and I don’t know why?

The first thing I do is run the site command in a Google search to see how many pages are in the Google index.   It also shows me how the title tags are being indexed and the excerpts being generated.

The Site command

I’m pretty sure many of you already know about the site command, for those that don’t it works like this:

  • Open Google and enter

This will return how many pages are indexed and show the links to them.

Ex.   today will return 54 pages in the Google index.

Where is my site indexed on other sites

This might be the little twist you didn’t know.   You can also use the site command to find where your site is mentioned on the web.

How?   Add a space between the command and the url.   And put the url in quotes Ex.   Site: “”   This will now return 436 results and show me where my site is indexed on other sites.

Try it out for your site.   Since today is the second 4th of July in 2010, (Since most count today as the holiday) and you have some geek time on your hands check this out.   Find anything interesting?


  1. Pretty interesting stuff Dave. I’ll be a blog entry on the various site command variations would be a blog entry well linked to.
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  2. That is cool. I keep learning new things every day. That was great insight for me on our website!

  3. I do now… what I found was quite interesting yet very useful.

  4. Hi Dave ~ I’ll confess to being so obsessed with the site command that I tracked my results daily for a long time – until I got too busy – and too hot – to blog never mind tracking my blog’s stats. This post motivated me to look at my numbers again.

    I always tracked the site command results and the site:url/* results but am still not completely clear on what I’m seeing with the /* results. And I never knew about the site-space-“url’ search – love it!

  5. I never tried the site: “” thing, will surely check this.

    Apart from checking the indexed pages of my website, I use site command to find out the best page on my site for a particular keyword. Let me explain:

    I want to optimize a page for the keyphrase ‘repossession help’ and I do not know which page is the best to target. I use repossession help – this helps me find the right page for this keyword.

  6. Adam,

    That’s an interesting use of the site command. Thanks for that tip.