Describe That House

Dream House

I know that many of you have to write descriptions for listings.   Sometimes for  flyers or print media ads.    The Lab provides you with this list of  46 descriptive terms from which to choose so you can get back to the important aspect of Real Estate.  

Your Blog of Course.  


A Must See
A Rare Find
A Treasure
Beautiful Ridgetop
Below Comps
Best Price
Better Than New
Bright & Open
Classy Home
Commanding Mountain Views
Dream House
Fabulous Mountain Views
Fabulous Views
Fantastic Golf Property
Fantastic Home
Gated Community
Gorgeous Home
Great Family Home
Great Investment
Ideal Location
Intimate Elegance
Just Like New
Model Perfect
Mountain And Sunset Views
Move-in Ready
Priced To Sell
Pride of Ownership
Rare Find
Spacious Home
Totally Charming
Turn-Key Perfect
Unbeatable Views
Unique Home
Very Special
World Class

Wow is right.   If you don’t have mountains or ridges you can replace those words with whatever you do have.  

Ocean Vistas
Skyscraper Views
Effluence Level
Sewer Workers Charmer
Great Hill Views
Wooded Wonder
Recluse Repository
Hunter’s Hiatis

You get the idea.    Ok Now we can get back to something useful, some real  blogging.  

I’ll be looking for your terms in the near future.   If you have some others you would like to contribute please do so.   I’ll be glad to expand this list in an effort to free up more time for as many of you as possible.


  1. Great! I’ve actually used some of those little gems. I come across your blog as I was doing some details for a pile of properties and it was good to have some new ideas.

  2. Another word I’ve used before, trying to be hip is …. crib !!

  3. For example, what a pad, the ideal crib., Very homely.

    Homely is a good one for families.

  4. If a house or apartment has a really small room like the kitchen, instead of saying small, you could use the word ‘Compact’. I think this sounds a lot better.

  5. I think there will be some new words coming into play in the near future to describe real estate, such as ‘Green’, ‘Renewable’, ‘environmentally friendly’. etc.

  6. I couldn’t see ‘A Bargain’ on the list. I would have thought this one get used quite often.

  7. Sue,

    This post was written in January of 2007, “A Bargain” back then meant “Going for over list price”.
    Thus, no “A Bargain” in the list.


  8. Hi Dave,

    Fair comment, but still a bargain for the time!