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Custom WordPress Business Solutions

The Lab was started to help RE Bloggers using self hosted WordPress for their blogging and online business platform.

It continues with that same purpose today. However, I’ve found more and more small businesses needing an online presence. Not just a website. They need business solutions which help them provide a better customer experience.

I’m convinced WordPress is the platform which provides the quickest and best way to do this.

I’ve quietly started a new site called Custom WordPress Site Design.   It is where I refer small business people and those in real estate that want to see what services I offer to help them with their online marketing and presence.

Twenty Ten Posts at the Lab

Most of you regular readers know I’ve done quite a few posts recently on how to modify the new WordPress default theme Twenty Ten.   I was thinking last night about moving these posts to a new location away from the main Lab itself.   I want your input.

  1. Would you like to see these post continue here at the Lab?
  2. Should I create a separate Twenty Ten directory and install Twenty Ten and move the posts there?
  3. Should I move all the Twenty Ten posts to a directory under Custom WordPress Site Design?

I’m finding a lot of none Real Estate related bloggers coming to the Lab for help with their Twenty Ten installs and modifications.

This is why I’m asking the Lab Rats for input.

I’ve also created a Twenty Ten child theme will post about it once I’ve decided where to locate the Twenty Ten content and posts.

Thanks for any input on this subject.   I appreciate your feedback.


  1. Hi Dave, I am in the middle of creating a Worpress Real Estate site. (not the one listed as my website). It looks pretty good so far. I found a pretty good real estate plug-in except I forget the name of it.

    I am having some issues with the navigation and how the gallery works, but overall things are going pretty good. I had no idea WordPress had so many features.

    Your blog looks great by the way.

  2. Thanks for the informative article. I have decided to develop my own theme to meet my own needs. Your blog is quite helpful in this regard. Thanks again.

  3. WordPress is an awesome platform for Re blogging, some of the magazine themes look great

  4. WordPress definitely provides the easiest crossover between just ‘personal blog’ and actual business storefront. Their customized options and private hosting make it pretty adaptable to any need, and I see more and more small business owners using it. I feel like “blog services” these days are becoming more and more specialized, with the advent of sites like Tumblr (geared toward ‘micro blogging’ and twitter-esque frenetic posting). still feels generic and more like they’re building a brand around having all of their blogs look the same, sort of like a Blogger club of blogs. WordPress is really the best one for self-determining what you want your site to look like. Short of hiring a web designer or building your own site it’s the best there is. The custom wordpress design is a smart idea. I hope you use it to get even more in depth than usual about customizable options and showing readers all that it can do, cause it sure is a lot.

  5. I’ve been tinkering with my own WP site for about a month now and have to say your site is the best resource I’ve found. It has such a wide variety of topics that ANYONE looking for tips or just straight forward information will find what they need here. Bravo!