More things you can do with Simple Sidebar Navigation

Simple Sidebar Navigation

Take Your Sidebar off the tracks

Take Your Sidebar off the tracks

There are so many ways you can use this plugin. The one I employ on most of my blogs is the section for the simple top navigation. But if you want to create truly dynamic sidebars this plugin (with some thought to layout) this will do just about anything you ask it to when it comes to creating custom sidebars.

Take a look at Kristal Kraft’s Denver Dwellings site.   She uses this plugin and you will find so many variations of sidebars configurations that I wouldn’t recommend even trying to count them.   They are all done with this plugin.   And she has the Advanced text widget to handle a couple other tasks also   written by Max Chirkov.

Kristal has a theme with two sidebars which means the variations available to her are something she has to have   a database to track.   I’m not kidding, (yes I am).

If you want to create   custom sidebar configurations for your blog.   These two plugins will do the heavy lifting for you.

I know of Bloggers that spend hours and even days hard coding and calling various sidebar.php files so they can have custom sidebars for certain categories, posts or pages.   These two babies will handle all those situations.   It will take a little while to set them up but not as long as it used to; Especially since Max upgraded the plugins to work with WP 2.8.

Custom Sidebar Navigation Made Simple

I’m repeating this in an h3 tag so it will get searched as well.   I’m also doing a little trick of making the perma-link different from the title tag creating a double bang for the keywords I want associated with this post.

Consider this a bonus nugget.   And a hat tip to Max for some great code and a couple under utilized plugins.


  1. For Krystals site is the plugin handling everything in both side menus. If your theme already has a side menu navigation does this plugin replace it or simply add to it.
    .-= Ki´s last blog ..Austin Real Estate Statistics for June =-.

  2. Ki,

    You add as many sidebar nav widgets as you want. You put them in each sidebar or any area which is widgetized. Inside the widget you tell it when to display. They are just widget boxes that integrate with all the other widgets in the sidebar.

  3. Remember the days before widgets? Wow fixing a sidebar was so difficult then.

  4. I like, but your bottom menu on this blog is what got me, how’d you do that?

  5. That is a new beta app called wibiya. I’ll probably write about it later today.

  6. Max does have some pretty cool tools. He is working on another one to handle agent listings that I got to preview in its beta stage. I think it will be pretty popular once he is done with it. I do like the top navigation bar.
    .-= Charles Richey´s last blog ..Las Vegas Property Auctions – Deal or No Deal? =-.

  7. KB,

    I also like the bottom menu. How did you do that? That would be great to have my Medellin Colombia real estate blog.


    .-= Justin´s last blog ..Colombia Real Estate and Security. =-.