Custom Post Template

Custom Post Template Plugin

I’ve used custom Page templates for a couple of years now. The most useful is a full width single column, no sidebar page. They are great for all the IDX frames that agents have on their blogs.  Lately I’ve been working on a couple of sites with “Postlets” inserted on pages.

Postlets Code Sucks

I do wish the 3rd party companies selling “service” to agents would please join the 21st century.  By that I mean, stopping using Tables and make the move to CSS.

Even if your theme doesn’t choke on the table layout width the CSS for each theme handles tr, td, table, etc. in a different way. If Postlets, (f0r example)  would put the css inline in their code it wouldn’t matter what the theme’s css was doing, it would display.

Enter Custom Post Template

This past week I ran into a situation on a theme install where the agent had over 80 postlet Posts, not pages.  Those post displayed with the content behind the sidebar.  The theme was a Twenty Ten child theme and there is no built in support for custom post templates.  (there is a single column page template included with the default install).

I went for a search to find a way to create a single column Post template and it didn’t take long to find this sweet plugin.  Once installed all I had to do was change one line on the single column Page Template so it was now a Post Template as well. (You have  to save it as a separate file).

Calling that post template from the visual editor, save and view, and the postlets page was now showing up on site without a sidebar.

Anything you can do with a Page Template You can Do with a Post Template

Yeah, that’s a big H3 tag, but it is worth the post real estate.

Design a custom layout for a page and use it for your posts as well.  That’s nice.

There are frameworks out there that provide custom post layouts. But if you aren’t on a Framework, or you want to do something “Outside the Framework” and you have the geek time and skills to do it, then this is a nice tool for your geek toolbox.


  1. While the vast majority of that went over my head, I am brand new to RE and to blogging, so I plan on spending some time hopping around your site looking for some pointers. I am so new, that I seem to be consumed with the blogging and social media aspects, as opposed to looking for prospects. But I guess this will all lead to some prospects down the line. Thanks for the tips (even if I didn’t understand it all), I am going to pass along your blog to my designer…
    Happy Blogging! 🙂

  2. I’ve seen both tacky and excellent page/post templates. Personally, I don’t much care for them, not because they aren’t functional, but because I like to free-flow my posts. They certainly have their place though…for example, listings really lend themselves to the post templates to keep some uniformity.

  3. Pretty good improvisation to get the Post format to do what you wanted to accomplish.

    What was the name of the plugin you found to help you get around the existing limitations & create the custom Post template?

  4. Cory,

    It’s the title of the post.