Custom Post Limits Plugin

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Tiki Torches have nothing to do with this plugin

I’ve been looking for a plugin to do this for a long time.
Custom Post Limits let you set how many posts are returned in the many ways they can be accessed. Searches, Archive, Category, etc.

The way it is by default in WP is the number of posts you set to be viewed is the number used for everything displaying posts.

If you set 10 posts to display that’s the number everywhere.

I don’t want 10 posts on my homepage.   I want it to load faster and rotate what is on the homepage every 3 posts.   But when I set number of pages to display to 3 then when I do a category display or go to the next page of post only 3 posts display.   That’s a lot of paging when I’m looking for something.

This plugin lets me set the number of posts on a large number of locations.

The simple way I set it up for the Tucson blog was to display 12 post in the read settings page.   Then on the custom post limit settings I set the homepage to display 3 posts.   It works great.   I only had to set up two things.   A dozen posts for all the other displays works for me.   But if I wanted to change that for whatever reason this plugin gives me that ability.

It isn’t the kitchen sink.   It is designed for a specific purpose and it does it well.

The quick way to install this plugin   Plugins/Add New/ Search “custom post limits”


  1. Dave,
    I see you like a lot of the same plugins I do. I love the related posts plugin that we both use and I did install commentluv but through the intense debate plugin. So far so good. I have also been contemplating a comments rule too. Only wish for the related posts plugin is that we could over ride the default image that they have included. I have images with almost every post so it’s usually not an issue but I find that the excerpt and image make folks more likely to click through. Nice blog, I will bookmark.
    .-= Cheri Riley´s last blog ..Historic Marietta Offers a Rich History Combined with an Exciting Future in 30064 =-.

  2. Cheri,

    It sounds like we do use a lot of the same plugins. Glad you found the Lab, you are always welcome.