Genesis Favicon Uploader

A lot of RE sites are using Genesis platform sites.  One easy way to tell is the G you see as the Favicon when visiting a typical Genesis platform site.

Many of us want to use our own custom favicon instead of the Genesis default.  The simplest way to do this:  Install the Genesis Favicon Uploader plugin.  Once installed and activated you upload your custom favicon and it replaces the default G.

But we all know (Or have heard over and over) plugins slow your site.  All add to that over stated mantra, it depends on the plugins, but I digress.  So if we can do this without a plugin . . .

Your Custom Favicon Using Genesis Without a Plugin

It only requires two things:

  1. FTP access to your site.
  2. Knowing where to upload the favicon.ico file.

If you don’t have #1, then use the plugin.  If you have FTP access then upload the favicon.ico file to the child theme’s images directory.

Typically a favicon is in the root.   Which is where many of us have put our favicon and it never shows up.  We give up, and install the plugin.

Not any more.  Put the file in the child theme’s images directory and it will show up.  (Your browser might be caching the G for awhile but it is there, be patient)

Quick simple tip for those on the Genesis platform.