CTabs Plugin

I’ve tried a lot of tabbed content plugins. I’ve not found one yet that worked as promised, in some cases even worked. But I keep trying. The latest I’ve seen is this one called CTabls. It popped up on the “New Plugins for Nov. 28, 2010 list”

Unfortunately,   It’s not ready for prime time either.   In a few minutes I discovered these limitations and short comings.



Once you find a tab plugin that really works (This one is getting closer) it isn’t hard to come up with different ideas on how to use it and keep your content above the fold.

If you want a tab plugin check this one out. But I would recommend you be running WP 3.0 or higher. I tried this on a 2.9.2 version first and it didn’t work at all.


  1. I fixed the shortcode inside shortcode issue. Now you can use your nexgen gallery. Thanks for the post. I’m working on ctabs everyday so if you see an issue please let me know.

  2. Brad,

    Great, as you have new updates we’d love to hear about them here at the lab.

    Best Tab solution for WP I’ve seen to date.


  3. What’s the benefit of using tabs on your WP site? Is it just to provide FB familiarity or to be trendy different? I’m not sure I follow “why” these are a benefit?

  4. The advantage of using Tabs on a WP site is to keep all the content of a particular post above the fold. All the reader has to do is click on the various tabs instead of scrolling up and down. Not something you would use on every post, but gives you the option to to make a different style of post.

    For Example, in RE if you wanted to do a post on a new housing sub-division you could put a short blurb on the first tab, Floorplans on the second tab, Parks etc. on a third tab and a google map on a forth.

    It becomes another tool in the toolbox.


  5. Ah…the light has come on. 😉

    Thanks for the explantation Dave, much appreciated.

  6. John Chandler says


    I’d like to create some tabs and use the shortcode that comes with other plugins to do their thing inside a particular tab.. e.g.:

    to show youtube playlist

    [posts by tag]
    to show blog posts

    now.. the blog posts one works… but the tubpress doesn’t work.. it just shows the string [tubepress]…

    is there an easy way to get this working? perhaps move your plugin further down in some execution sequence? Not sure…

    Hope you can help…

  7. John Chandler says

    Sorry upon further inspection… if I don’t use the posts by tag one, then the tubepress one (plus others if I want) will work.

    Therefore the posts by tag one is doing something to interfere with the execution of other shortcodes.

    Still any advice you have would be much appreciated as to how to adjust things to make them all work.

  8. John,

    You have run into one of the problems with shortcodes. The plugins that are created to use them often are not well coded and create conflict with other plugins. They are simple to use, but think about the future, what happens when WordPress progress and grows to the point where the functionality of the plugin is built into WP itself, or the plugin which is no longer supported fails in a future upgrade. All those posts where you used a shortcode no longer have content. All they have is what you described [post by tag].

    Every plugin varies. However, using an embed code or straight html for the content you are pretty safe against future issues. It’s a little more time consuming on the front end, but you never have to worry with each upgrade if your site is going to need a lot of digging to find all those broken shortcode posts.