Counter Offer 10 how many have you had?

counter offer ten

 We are taking a break today from the usual kind of post about technical aspects of real estate blogging to ask this quick question.

What are the most number of counter offers you have ever had to deal with in a single transaction?

Yep, the file folder is buldging at the seams.  There will be no counter offer 11.  No it didn’t finally become a deal.

I guess the question  becomes;  What is the most counter offers you every had to get an accepted deal and  the most you had on a deal that didn’t go through?

Real Estate is  a blast isn’t it.

I’m glad I spend most of my time:

  • writing  4 blogs,
  • taking photos,
  • creating flyers,
  • planting signs,
  • creating single property sites,
  • webmastering a couple of website.

A lot less paperwork.  

Realtors sure do make a lot of money at this don’t they?


  1. Yeah… I had 6 counters to deal with, but the one offer that was accepted the client backed out in the end.

  2. Well this one really caught my eye. Kind of like the Guiness Book of Records for Real Estate. Maybe there should be one so we can all appreciate the good deals! I’ve been up to 9 and just when we thought it was all good the buyer just about killed the deal because she wanted a cute throw rug that turned out to be a family heirloom. I also almost lost one over a garbage disposer. Wow our lives are trival!

  3. I’ve 11 counter offers, the infighting was fierce ,the customer whose offer was finally accepted also backed out and the other all seemed to lose interest after that!

  4. I have never gone over 5. 10 sounds more like a pissing contest than a negotiation. It is no wonder that they all fell through, it was no longer about gaining the property, it was about winning, what a waste of valuable time.

  5. Five’s as many as I’ve had, too.