Control Key Plus Scroll Equal BIGGER Text

Call me Late to the Party if You Must

party hatLate to the Party, are you kidding me, for most of my life I didn’t even know there was a party.

I complain all the time, yes all the time about the kids programming the internet to be smaller and smaller all the time as a conspiracy against people with sight issues. And the hearing impaired as well. I don’t know how that relates, but I’m sure using today’s logic it does somehow.

scroll mouseThe point is, I didn’t know that if you held down the Control Key and use the scroll on the mouse it would make the screen text change size.

The editor window is still too small, but at least I can make the text big enough I can read it.

There must be an old guy out there somewhere putting this kind of code in the system.

Thank You Old Guy


  1. Steve Belt says

    I recently started using Windows Live Writer to compose my blog posts and pages. It’s a beautiful thing. I do still need to do tagging and SEO stuff as a final step in WordPress (after the post is done, I choose Save as Draft and edit online), but the composition is done masterfully in Live Writer. It sucks down your CSS, and it will look exactly the same after publish, as it does in Live Writer…seriously. That does mean the font size is your blog’s font size, however. Special bonus: spell check works real time.

    Anyway, something to consider…plus it’s free.

  2. Drexel Hill, Pa Real Estate says

    Did you know that if you have the web developer tool bar for firefox it has a magnification option?

    Its under the miscellaneous tab.

  3. Funny stuff, Dave. 🙂 Theres lots of little things like that. You use a computer for years, and still get to learn something new.

    As far as getting older: It stinks getting older – but I reckon its better than the alternative. 😉

  4. Steve,

    I wrote once about Live Writer and have a second post sitting as a draft aging till I get back to it.

    Dealing with tagging was one of my issues, but the process you described is one I’ll have to try out. (Today)

    Bill, with the Ctrl + Scroll who needs a magnification tool. : )

    Malok, It is only funny if you already know this stuff.

    No it is funny even if you don’t : )

  5. It is funny, I accidentally did this and couldn’t figure out how to fix it for two weeks.

  6. Drexel Hill, Pa Real Estate says

    Thats funny Dan,

    I can’t even imagine! Ha Ha!

  7. Dave,
    Thank You! for the helpful information. It is definitely a new tool I can use. I am a 60 year old Realtor who has been having vision problems for a while now. I can enjoy your blog posts more, now that I can see the text.
    Ruben Colon

  8. Ruben,

    I’m right behind you : ) I’ve worn glasses and contacts since I was 7 years old. Anything that makes it easier on the eyes I’m all for.