Consolidating URL and A Little Help from Friends

 technorati 100

The trials and travails of this little experiment have take their toll on sleep and other things in life the past couple of days.   But in barely two month of existence.   Lots of help from 2000 bloggers project and others linking here we broke the 100 barrier.

It does pay to keep track of these things.   One way to know you have an issue:

If you start seeing links back from yourself.   You have an issue.

I’m not going to miss this little experiment in the Lab.   I certainly hope others will benefit from this little stinker of an exercise.


  1. uh oh, of course I have back links from myself. If something can be done wrong, trust me, I will do it.

    I have lost my sidebars again. Can you help? I took the photo out of my current post and the sidebars are still gone. Since it did not work, I put the photos back.

  2. Too quick to cry wolf. I figured it out.

    Did I tell you that I like this theme better too.

  3. Glad you got it. I’ve been out shooting photos and putting up a listing sign all morning.

    I think I like the new theme as well. I keep tweaking it a little here and there.

  4. Welcome to the 100 club. See you soon hurdling 200 🙂