Comment Spam Trap – WordPress Plugin

Comment TrapI ran across this little beauty a few days ago.   The Comment Spam Trap is a WordPress plugin that is simple and easy to install.   Once installed you just sit back and watch the spam disappear.  

When I first installed the plugin I set up the plugin to email me the trapped comments. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t trapping and deleting comments I wanted.   It doesn’t.   It is very slick in how it works, getting the spam bots to fill in a field that isn’t visible to a regular commenter.  

Flush Spam  If that field is filled in, the  trap is sprung and the spam bots little droppings are flushed from  your site.  

I’m still using Askimet on all the sites.   Since putting the Comment Spam Trap into place I’ve only had one comment come through.  

Yes, there are still some spammers that like to do it themselves,   go figure.   This is where Askimet comes in to put the final death grip on the slippery human touch spam.

It is  a simple concept and one I’m surprised someone hasn’t come up with before. is who we have to thank for the Comment Spam Trap WordPress Plugin.  

I think if you take it for a test spin, you won’t want to unplug this very handy plugin.


  1. Very timely. I have been getting a couple hundred spam comments a day lately. Driving me crazy…

  2. Since putting this into place I’ve had 5 spam messages get through, Askimet caught those.
    I think Askimet is scheduling a spring break vacation with Comment Spam picking up almost all the traffic.

  3. Very interesting concept. Should cut down on spam comments in a big way. Thanks for the info.

  4. I’ve got rid of most of my spam comments by requiring the commenter to add two single digit numbers before submitting.

  5. Brent,

    Could you expand on what plugin you are using and how that gets rid of spam?

    If it is stopping bot spam, I understand but if it is spam hand entered how does the entering of two numbers limit this?

    Thanks for further clarification.

  6. Hi Dave,

    The plugin I am using is called Challenge. It can be found at this link.

    You are correct. It only stops automated bots. It can’t stop human content spammers. The plugin that you are using that makes me enter the word above accomplishes the same thing.

    Comment Kahuna – I just read your post about Comment Kahuna. I have a confession. I used CK to find your blog!

    I don’t use it just to find nofollow blogs, I use iit to find all blogs that are writing about related topics.

    First let me say, I use it as a way to search for blogs and automate the process of leaving my name, email address, and website. I never automate the process of leaving a comment. IMO doing this would qualify the comment as nothing but spam.

    For me, I usually visit about 50 blogs from me search results. I actually leave a comment on less than 4 – 5. Most of them are not related or I don’t have anything to add to the discussion.

    I don’t see this as a spam tool. In this instance, I was able to find your blog, leave a unique comment, subscribe to the follow up comments, and actually follow up when asked a question.

    Do guns kill people?

  7. Brent,

    Thanks for the information on the plugin.

    Do guns kill people is a red herring in this instance.

    Yes, Comment Kahuna can be used as a useful tool.

    However, have you listened to the video on Comment Kahuna on how to use it.

    NO WHERE is it advocated you Read the Post. Just Drop by and leave a comment. That is what I’ve taken issue with Comment Kahuna.

    It is the reverse argument to me. Can you take a tool designed by admonition of its creator to be a backlink trolling tool and use it to find blog post you would like to read and possibly leave comments on. OF COURSE YOU CAN.

    And I have no issue with Comment Kahuna as a program or in the way in which you have used it.

    But you and I both know this isn’t how most are going to use it.

    Do people kill people using guns?
    Do people protect people using guns?

    Do comment spammers have a new tool to make it easier to leave backlink trolling comments?
    Do blog readers have a new tool to make it easier to find post they are interested in reading?

    Hand grenades can be used to dig holes so you can plant trees too. But a shovel is a better tool to accomplish the same thing. And a lot less noisy : )

  8. Hi Dave,

    No, I didn’t listen to the video. If I did, maybe I would have a different opinion.

    I agree, some…maybe a lot will use it to post meaningless random comments. My question is why? Why not just use a comment bot? They’d save time and probably have better luck.

    If they don’t spend the time reading the post and adding something meaningful to the discussion, chances are their comment will be deleted as spam anyway.

    My blog is nofollow. I haven’t deal with a lot of human spam. Most of my spam has been from comment bots and trackback bots. Once I added the “Challenge” plugin it disappeared overnight.

    Hand grenade to dig a hole? I may try that. 🙂

  9. Brent,

    Yeah, I kind of liked that one myself.

    If the guy that created Comment Kahuna had presented it differently, I would written a review and admonished bloggers not to use it in a spammy manner.

    It really did get under my skin that he no where advocates reading the posts. He suggest you find no follow removed blogs, write a comment based on the keywords you are searching for then just start submitting the pre-written comment on all the no follow posts. This to me is blatant spamming.

    There are a number of good comment spam catchers out there. They certainly are needed. The more they are put into place the more we are going to see human interaction to go around it.

    The CK author even suggested if you don’t have time to do it. Hire someone to use the tool and leave spammy comments around the blogosphere to generate backlinks.

    Answer to Why not use a comment bot? all the anti spam traps being set on blogs these days.

    Still the best practice. Create interesting and informative content and you will get the PR you are seeking. The lab just went PR5 while we have been commenting back and forth and a number of internal post only a month old are PR4.

    I don’t think I’ve left a dozen comment on any blogs in the past two or three months.

  10. Congrats on the PR5. That’s great.

    “Answer to Why not use a comment bot? all the anti spam traps being set on blogs these days.”

    I agree. But my point is if you are going to go around posting the same comment over and over that may or may not relate to the post you attach it to, your chances of actually getting an approved comment are not much better than just using a comment bot.

    If my goal were to just get back links and I was going to post the same comment over and over with no regard to whether it related to the post, I’d just use a comment bot and save my time.

  11. Having now multiple RE blogs to keep up with, and hiring college students to go through some of the comments, I’m glad there is a plugin, that perhaps, will have better SPAM sense than some of my college kids… Thanks for the review. 🙂