I’ve recommended every blog have a comment policy. It is past time for me to establish one for the Lab. This might change over time and varying circumstance but for the most part these basic truths shall remain.

  1. All Comments are moderated. If it is your first comment it will go in the queue. This prevents spam and profane comments from getting on the blog. After you have two approved comments your comments will be live as soon as you post them.
  2. Comments with more than 2 links in them will go to the moderation queue even if you are pre-approved to make comments.
  3. I want a name in the name field, Not a Product, Not a Business, Not What you do. I want a name. I provide do follow for all comment links and I don’t want to be responding to comments with “Golf Course” I agree with you, or “Transylvania Real Estate” are you kidding me? I want someone to write back to. I will change comments with out names in the names field to a name if I can find one. Otherwise I will decide on either deleting the comment or putting the comment author on blacklist.
  4. A valid email address is required “yourblogsucks@gmail” will get the comment deleted without it ever being seen. Your email address is not public nor will it ever be published or used for solicitations in any way.   It is strictly for private communication between you and the author.
  5. One line comments will be deleted unless in that one line content of value is added to the post or discussion.
  6. If you are leaving a comment for the purpose of getting back-links your comment will be deleted the first time. The second time you will be blacklisted. I don’t take the time to write and maintain this blog so you can SEO your own site at the expense of this one.
  7. Profanity is not allowed. Personal attacks on other people leaving comments is not allowed (keep it on topic or keep it to yourself)
  8. Add to the discussion either with more information, questions, disagreements, are all welcome. Contribute in this way and you will be granted one back-link per comment.
  9. After three approved comments the do-follow on your links will kick in

That’s pretty much it. Enjoy the Lab, contribute to the community of information and we will all be enriched by the process. Try and use this as a place to promote yourself, your product, your business, and your comments will be removed and you will have wasted your time and mine spamming this site.

All of this can be summed up with:

“I don’t swim in your toilet, please don’t pee in my pool”