Comment Kahuna Great Way to be Banned

Don't be a backlink trollLately, I’ve seen more and more comments coming into the lab and my other RE sites there were obvious to me the post hadn’t been read at all.

Today I ran across this “Free” tool for creating instant great backlinks to your site. The little video created to tell about this “tool” has some obvious mis-statements about how Google works. It also promotes this free tool as white hat. It could be, but more “Grey Hat” in the way it is being promoted.

It is a tool to “Troll” for keywords you want to rank for on blogs. Next you can use this tool to quickly fill in the comment required fields and leave a comment which will bring you wonderful “Google Juice”. The tool will indicate which blogs have no follow turned off. You want those blogs because they provide more juice than the ones with no-follow turned on.

But there is one thing they are not recommending, in fact they seem to blatantly thumb their nose at the idea of “READING THE POST”. Why would you want to read the post. After all you are only commenting to get backlinks.

Until now when I’ve seen comments that were obviously just trying to get backlinks (I knew they hadn’t read the post by the comment) I have dumped them in the spam folder. But not anymore.

Google isn’t the only one who can Black List

From now on any comments I see which are pure trolling for backlinks or it is obvious they have not read the post will have their email Black Listed. All comments will go directly to the trash for disposal.

One little thing they didn’t mention. IF YOUR COMMENT ISN’T APPROVED YOU DON’T GET ANY GOOGLE JUICE.

I would recommend to real estate bloggers.

  4. CREATE A COMMENT POLICY (I think mine will be in the footer short and sweet)

Don’t Be a Juice Thief

The Google Juice I have is mine to share or give away. Try taking it without permission and you will be locked out.

Setting up a Comment Blacklist

WordPress 2.5 Settings, Discussions

Before 2.5 Options, Discussions

Near the bottom of the page you will find “Comment Blacklist”

I’ve only used this for a couple of people in the past that seemed only have a four letter vocabulary, but I’m not afraid to put a black list into use.

Once again I find myself quoting my 5th grade science teacher.   “A Word to the wise is sufficient”


  1. Dave,

    I got an e-mail last week telling me to download and use this program to build backlinks. I agree that it is gray hat at best. I don’t get that many comments on my blog. I just added the “do follow” plugin that you linked to on another post. I hope I don’t start getting comments because this software tells people I have a “dofollow”.

    I think anyone who uses this will eventually get sent to the penalty box.

    That troll is cool.


  2. Steven,

    It takes time for comments to come. It was over a year before there were very many here at the lab.

    The RE blogs I run still get very few comments during the course of a week. But has your content grows you will be found and comments will come.

  3. People should show some respect and read the blog post if they are going to comment. If your getting a good back link to your site at least speed read what your commenting about. People just want to take, take, take. You give em an inch they take a yard.

    I haven’t ran across this tool yet but I’m sure it would be helpful if used properly. People could use to tool to find good blogs that don’t have the “no follow” tag. Then they can actually read the post and make a thoughtful comment about it.

    I know its annoying but people are always going to try and get over on ya.


  4. I am wondering if Google could just use these types of service as part of their algo and say any blogs within this network will not pass link juice in their comments. Is this possible?

  5. Dan,

    Nice thought but not possible. It is a standalone program that auto fills the fields. No way to track the origin.

  6. Marc Rasmussen says

    I’m one of those guys….kinda. I found your blog through a dofollow search in the new Google beta search. I didn’t really know this existed but a friend of mine showed me.

    So now I am writing a comment for a little link juice but I did read your post as well as a few others. Great blog.

  7. Marc,

    Recognize you from REW. The way you are “Trolling for link juice” is different from being a “Link Juice Troll”.

    Checking for sites with topics you are interested in and noting the ones with do follow enabled then reading and leaving a comment that contributes to the discussion is in my opinion a valid approach to Trolling for Link Juice. Thanks for dropping by.

  8. Marc Rasmussen says


    That was a fast response. I love it.

    I am glad you don’t classify me as a “Link Juice Troll”. I will keep checking back to read more good posts. Keep up the good work.

  9. Marc,

    LOL, I’m finishing up a do followup : ) post right now and you are a featured part of the post.

    Talk about gathering some juice.

  10. Marc Rasmussen says

    Great. I look forward to reading it.

  11. Whats wierd about this whole “comment with reading a post” thing is I think I get way more value out of reading post than I ever get out of link juice from a comment. I get a lot of those comments on my blog as well.

    Or comments along the lines of “great post about the market. everyone should use my great home staging services”.

  12. I try to leave interesting comments that will promote a discussion. It is annoying to see people leave generic comments just to get a link to their site.

    I get them every now and then on my blog and usually do not approve them. I believe my Blogger blog is has a nofollow command. I am planning on getting a new REW blog. Perhaps I will make it dofollow.

  13. That is one ugly Orc. I have been getting a lot of multiple spam messages on my blog lately. They will spam multiple articles on my blog. I have been blacklisting those IP addresses. I haven’t had any comments from people who have not been reading the blog, but if I do, yours is good advice.

  14. The idea of a comment policy is a good one. Ever since we moved ‘latest comments’ above the fold, our comment levels have picked up, which is great, the blog is more valuable with constructive input from legitimate readers. However, we do see an occasional “troll” backlink, and the idea of blacklisting them is fair. Blatant spam has been entirely handled on our blog by use of the spambam plugin (fyi to bloggers looking for a solution).

  15. StevePark says

    Hi Dave, this is my first visit to Realestatebloglab. I found your site with a google search like .
    I`m only using it for a couple of days and was trying to figure out if there’s any chance of getting banned by google for the comments I posted. I DO read the posts, and then try to post something related to the content, like an idea or question. I’m also putting links to other pages of my website instead of just the domain name.
    Guess this way I can`t get banned by google, can I? Nice article, and, if I may give you a suggestion for a future article, something about using social media websites like stumbleupon, reddit,digg, etc would be very interesting, as many webmasters use them to drive huge amount of traffic to their sites. For now I’m only using Stumbleupon, my stumble ID is stevepark, if any of you want to get in touch.

  16. Steve,

    No Google won’t ban you for using Comment Kahuna Whew, sigh of relief. But individual sites will put you on the blackmail list if they feel you are comment spamming.

    The way you are using it, is what I would consider the best way to use it. Find content you are interested in read it, then leave a comment that contributes to the topic or discussion.

    I’ve never used any of the social media sites, so I’m not a good one to write about them.

    You see, if you have monetized your blog and are making money from adsense then traffic is what it is all about. Get those clicks on those ads and make some change.

    But most RE blogs are not monetized. So for us we don’t care about traffic as traffic. We want focused traffic which you don’t get from those sites usually.

    I too have a stumbleupon account but have no idea my ID and haven’t done any “stumbling” for months.

  17. Hi Dave,
    I liked your review about Comment kahuna.. But i heard many people saying that this is a great tool to get backlinks and bla bla i got excited….
    but now i think it is not good thing to use thanks to you…
    .-= Fahad´s last blog ..Highlight Author Comment in Blogger / Blogspot =-.

  18. Alright, here’s my deal.

    Like Marc, I do search the internet specifically for dofollow blogs to help my ranking. Usually though, I try to look for blogs within my niche, no matter the pagerank. I like bloggers who use dofollow and think that they, by and large, have a deeper sense of community than the average. They moderate comments VICIOUSLY – as do I on my own dofollow blog.

    I don’t think blog commenting software is evil by any means – its just a tool. And I haven’t got a ban with using it. Because I use to add value or to really continue the conversation.

    Personally, I think dofollow is a hugely positive thing – and if software can connect me to more dofollowers and develop more relationships…. as well as get some google juice, well that’s a good deal.

  19. I’m a full time internet marketer (leaving no link lol).

    Blacklisting email addresses unfortunately doesn’t do anything. The reason is that the software that is used by most grey or blackhat marketers, will create a fresh email address automatically – OR worse, simply generate a list of 1000 random email addresses (there’s really no reason for it to be real anyway).

    Blacklisting the domain name that they are trying to get a link to – that may be more effective.

    Some tools you may wish to take a look at so that you can see how they work would be…


    I own both of these, but use them conservatively and in the least “spammy” way possible.

    They are the enemy and it will help you to understand how they work. Blacklisting an email though – that’s not going to do much unfortunately.



  20. Jason,

    URL’s and IP’s can be added as well to the blacklist. But most who are/were using comment kahuna were individuals seeking backlinks, not spammers trying to get backlinks in mass.


  21. I don’t see a problem with Comment Kahuna as long as it it used in a Kosher way. Instead of using the automatic fill in for comments. As mentioned here, I always read the comments and post before I post a relevant comment.

    There is a benefit. I get to increase me knowledge in whatever topic the blog is about and at the same time get a little juice for my site.

    We can all help in keeping the internet as a place for a great surfing experience or make it a horrible place for others.

    Thanks for the post and hope you don’t consider my comment as a spam.

    I think your is relevant to at least one of the problems with the internet.

    .-= Auto traffic Avalanche Blog´s last blog ..Review Coming Soon- =-.

  22. My only question. Did you use comment kahuna to write this comment 🙂

  23. I was searching for reviews and blog posts about Comment Kahuna to see if it was worthwhile using it, and discovered your excellent article. I agree with what others have said, that it (and any software) can be used for good or evil, and like you, I delete crap comments from my blogs and forums.

    However, lately I have noticed that people have been creating fake profiles on my forums, with no web link, then coming back a few days later and adding a link. They never particpate in any way and never post a comment. Yet another way to get backlinks, I presume.

    I found your troll image to be so ugly I have to hold my hand over the screen to cover it up. Maybe in a previous life, I was eaten by a troll.

    I notice that your blog has three Web 2 bookmarking icons but is lacking a generalized bookmarking tool. I have been using AddThis ( for a month. It is free and allows visitors to bookmark your page on many different Web 2 sites, such as Facebook, Digg, etc. I discovered it on the CBC News site (I am a Canadian). AddThis not only does bookmarking, it also provides statistics on usage and the number of click-backs (people clicking back to your site from the Web 2 site) and that is why I like it. Those people clicking back are all qualified readers, interested in your article. And no, I am not an affiliate for AddThis and have no connection to them. Check it out.

  24. Douglas,

    I actually use the Add To Any plugin for what you describe AddThis doing. I took a look at AddThis and they are almost identical.

    Thanks for dropping by the Lab.


  25. I hadn’t heard of Add To Any before, but looking at the site, they are “same same but diffrin” as they say here in Bangkok. The front ends look the same, it’s the backsides that are different. Add to Any links to Google Analytics, whereas AddThis has its own stats.

    I’ve stayed away from Google Analytics since a friend of mine had some of his sites de-listed by Google; only his sites that had Analytics were dropped, the ones with StatCounter retained their ranking.

  26. Douglas,

    I didn’t even know there were stats for the plugin. I might go to google analytics once a year. It have never been intuitive to me. Have no idea what I would do with the data anyway. I’ll take the AddThis for a spin.

    There’s a reason you would want to know what was bookmarked?

    I use Woopra and find it provides me all the data I want from site visitors. I suppose if a goal was traffic or monetization of the site I might.


  27. Whats wierd about this whole “comment with reading a post” thing is I think I get way more value out of reading post than I ever get out of link juice from a comment. I get a lot of those comments on my blog as well.

    Or comments along the lines of “great post about the market. everyone should use my great home staging services”.

  28. It sucks that it got so out of hand with the comment spamming, but how do you want to select the comment kahuna spammers. They probably wont write it in their comments that they use this software.

    in the end every comment poster who adds an url to his post is an potential spammer. this cannot be.

  29. I get a lot of spam comments on my blog, I delete the ones that just try and promote their product. My question is doesn’t google give me juice for getting comments? I know people leaving comments get juice.

  30. George,

    Juice, yes, but not just from comments, but from relevant comments. Expanding the discussion, adding and contributing, yes, but “Great Post” no.


  31. What do you have against Comment Kahuna? I think it’s a great automated software. It doesn’t matter what software you’re using as long as you make great posts that aren’t spammy. I see no problem with using commenting software.

  32. Beer Kits (jennifer),

    Your kidding, right. Did you even read this post? Troll for keywords and then automate leaving comments on post you don’t even have to take the time to read.

    It might not be spammy, but it is certainly poor edicate.


  33. “Google Juice” I love it!
    Ok, so you have a problem with comment spam from automated systems like Comment Kahuna. I get that. What I don’t get is why?
    Those people are still generating traffic for your website right? Sure, those spam type comments are annoying but does it deserve the ire you seem to have? I’m not so sure.
    Considering your post is from 2008, I wonder if you will read this? If not, then even if I was a comment link back troll, would that bother you?

    I dunno, google seems to have created the ‘rules’ and people are doing what they always do. They game the system.

  34. Donovan,

    yes I wrote it in 2008, It still applies today. I hate comment spam. I’m curious, what makes you think a spammy comment brings traffic to a site? No one even knows the comment is made unless they are already on the site. On the other hand. They are getting a link back from a do-follow blog, and the readers who are actually readers, looking for content and answers get nothing added to the discussion from some leaving a spammy comment that has nothing to do with the topic. You are right, gaming the system instead of working within the system seems to be what some want to do,and Comment Kahuna is a tool for gaming the system. Therefore, those comments will be a spammer banned.


  35. This is a great article Dave, I came across it as I researched into how porn sites keep trying to leave their links on my shopping site which in no way has anything to do with porn! One measure that I do take is to moderate all comments, but they persist.

  36. Brad,

    I can’t imagine having a blog and not moderating comments. I’ve never written about moderation of comments. To me it is like saying, now you have to put gas in the car if you want it to go. In this case you have to moderate comments if you don’t want a site full of spam and words that George Carlin would even find offensive.


  37. Hi Dave, found this post from Googling ‘comment kahuna not working with wordpress blog’.

    From spending all day yesterday using comment kahuna I think it’s obvious that there are different levels of comment spam, and each needs to be treated with different amounts of ‘hatred’ or disapproval.

    For example, I’ve read and respected the subject of this blog, and therefore haven’t used ‘web video production’ as the name (which are the keywords I’m using), and haven’t used a full html link in the website box. I’ve just used the company name and the homepage.

    Here’s what I see as different types of comments:

    1:) Posts like this one – no keywords as the name, no direct url link

    2:) Posts similar to this – but keywords as the name, direct url link (most high PR blogs do not accept these automatically). This is the level of comment I always try to make, to contribute to the conversation but also to get my link juice.

    The below is where is starts to get annoying, frustrating and shady.

    3:) Posts like 2 – but which contribute far less – one sentence at best.

    4:) Posts which haven’t read the blog at all and are using generic comments like: “Great blog post! Thanks for sharing this, very informative!” – at least the message is nice, but it’s annoying.

    5:) Posts which are outright selfish and spammy – the comment contains product descriptions, especially about chinese products, fake designerware, get rich quick schemes, reseller schemes, ebooks, porn, viagra etc.

    For me, 1, 2 and sometimes 3 are all acceptable and 3-5 need to be blacklisted… Just my two cents…

  38. Ok read the comment rules posted by @dave_smith, that method of having 3 accepted (eg good) posts in comments before the links before DOFollow is genius.

    (for those too lazy to read)

    “- After three approved comments the do-follow on your links will kick in”

    Also, on many blogs I’ve seen ‘CommentLuv’ doing very well, I think because it’s a bit of a ‘halfway house’ – yes, you can post with keywords, but you have to be clear about it and still post good content.

  39. I use Comment Kahuna a bit and I think it is a very useful tool, but, like the gun, it can either be deadly or useful, depending on the hand it is in. I bypass many of the blogs CK finds if I don’t see my keywords AND/OR do not see relevance of my topic to the blog; if I cannot provide value to the blog, I am out of there.

    In our society it has headed and is continually heading towards people just doing whatever it takes to make a buck. By hacking, stacking, cracking or packing, people will think of themselves first. I know, because that is my nature too 🙁 In the end, when push comes to shove very few people selflessly help others before they help themselves. Sad but true! It will always be the case! We won’t change. I don’t think society is getting better, just more technically, and conveniently easier to live.

    Enough said…