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411 on Domain Names

All the good domain names are taken.   Easy to say, and in some cases it might be true.   But I doubt it.   There are always new words and combinations of words coming into the popular vernacular.   There are other words which are pop or popular for awhile then fall out of favor, they drop from the vernacular.   Like “vernacular”   anybody use this term anymore? besides me?

This being the case there are always new domain name possibilities you can find for your keyword rich domain name.

I buy a lot of domain names.   More than I should.   Sometimes they seem like a good idea at the time.   Then when it comes time for them to renew a year later I wonder what I was thinking.   Here are a couple I own now just to prove to you I can buy some really crappy interesting domain names.


I almost bought MORONSTUFF.COM   but thought better of it, or did I let that one expire.

When looking for a new domain name for your RE business or online presence don’t pick “YOURNAME.COM”   pick something keyword rich and go to the home page and start typing in those combinations you come up with for your website/blog.

Picking a Keyword Rich Main Domain Name

I suggest you find something with your town, city or nitch market with the words real estate in the domain name.   Most of the domains will already be taken with town or city and real estate.   You could probably get a   neighborhood or subdivision easily.

If you are geo farming an area buy the domain name for that area.   Specialize in a type of real estate service, buy that domain name specialty.

Why you don’t want to buy YOURNAME.COM

In the world of Web 1.o Selling real estate on the internet was all about “Selling YOU”.   It was an agent centric approach to the web world of RE.   Now it isn’t about the agent.   The web doesn’t want to hear you are the best agent in town, or the #1 agent in your city.   It isn’t about how great you are.   It is about the location (city, town, geographic area) and what you bring to the experience of finding a home in that location.   You want to see a tacky Web 1.o domain name check out my name sake site Enough Said?   (Please, I’m not related, I promise)

Second,   What if you decide to move or get out of the business?   Think you have something to sell with a website named after YOU?   But a good site, with a keyword rich domain name and high search engine result placement, now that is something with value.

Search and You Shall Find

But don’t think all the good domain names are taken.   I did a search as I sat down to write this article and found good domain names for Phoenix, San Diego and Miami.   I found good domain names in each of these markets available.

What would I suggest?   I think if you look in the Post title you will find a few : )

Hot Topics and Buzz Words

Right now one of the hot words is “GREEN”   I checked a couple of seconds ago and you can buy GREENTUCSONREALESTATE.COM. If I wanted to create a nitch blog about green practices or green builders or green construction in Tucson I might buy that as an additional web presence site. Or I could point the domain to a category on my existing blog about Green in Tucson Real Estate as another option.

No Need for a lot of Domain Names

In the dark ages of the internet (before Google) you typed in a lot of domain names in the address bar to see what you could find.   That was the early days of “Surfing” the net.   No one used a search engine.   You sat at your keyboard typing in domain names and seeing what you could find.   Back then picking the right domain name was critical.

Today, with Search Engines it is good to have a keyword rich domain name, but not an absolute must.   Therefore, you don’t have to buy up a bunch of domain names and point them to your site on the chance someone will enter one of those domains and “find” you.

There are only two reasons for buying up a bunch of domain names.   Okay, maybe three.

  1. Because it is your hobby and you are hooked on searching for and buying domain names
  2. Because you don’t want the competition to have the domain name (if you own it no one else can)
  3. Because you want to sell domains on the resale/auction market as a hobby or business

Other than these three reasons you don’t need to go out and buy up 40 or 50 domain names so your site will be “found”.   We can all thank Search Engines for this.

There are a lot of good keyword rich domain names still available in your market.   Take some time check what is available and I’m sure you can find a good one for your site.

Finally, if you aren’t in real estate, it is even easier.   I can’t believe some of the great domain names I find available for other types of business here in town.   I bought PAINTINGTUCSON.COM for a painter friend that never needed it and turned it into a photo blog.


  1. Hi Dave,

    Great post, and I’m one of the guilty people (which, I’m now rethinking..). Kind of odd I haven’t stumbled on this site before but now that I’ve found it I’ll be checking it out pretty often.

    Michael Krotchie ´s last blog post..Tucson MLS 24-Hour Change Statistics for 2/11/2009

  2. David –

    While I agree with your reasoning as to not purchasing “” for REAL ESTATE related activities, I completely disagree that people should not buy their own As the Internet continues to permeate societies and your name gets spread far and wide across the blogosphere, web, etc., I think it is vitally important for anyone that is active on the web to purchase their own For protection mostly, but also because one would not want someone blackmailing them for their own, if they wanted to purchase it in the future. Besides that though, I agree that keyword-rich, geo-targeted domain names are ideal.

  3. @BL Reid – You have to put it into context. The context is buying YOURNAME.COM for your RE Business. As stated above. Had this been a post about Identity protection I would have said:

    “Buy and then use it for a family photo blog if you have to, but preferably, NEVER use it for anything. If is already purchased and it turns out to be a porn star, or sleezy used car dealer, then you have two options.

    1. Change your name
    2. Buy NOTYOURNAME.COM and put up a rebuttal site.

    I think option 1. is the better. As stated in the post with a name like Dave Smith. LOL

    So for business purposes DO NOT BUY YOURNAME.COM as stated above. For whatever paranoid narcissistic other reason GO FOR IT.

    BL, thanks for the opportunity to clarify.


  4. I’ve let hundreds of simply ridiculous domain names expire in the last year…. yet I still have ….. 🙂

    I take a very very different view on personal domains, regardless of whether the context is Real Estate or not.

    I think that one of the single greatest strengths of social media is the breadth of reach and ability to communicate and network that it offers…. more to the point, social media is a powerful tool in building your brand and communicating with others and communicating your message.

    If you are in sales, you had better be building your brand as an authority in your field and the go to guy that gets the job done fast and efficiently….

    So what brand are you building? Keller Williams? I hope not, in two years when you are with {insert brokerage here} you are starting from scratch and to do what, build the brand of yet another brokerage?

    Of course not, you should be building YOUR brand, your personal image and reputation…. this is even more true in Real Estate than trades which are not tied to a specific locale.

    I think building your personal brands is one of the single most important components of doing business online and using social media, hand down…. this means that using is a no brainer, imo. domains are powerful tool for personal branding for obvious reasons…. sure you can build a personal brand with and that doesn’t mean that a non personal domain name can’t be as good or better of a domain name….

    …..but what happens if you move after five years of hard branding Some may consider the risk worth it… and it may be…. but you will never have that issue with …

    That being said, if you don’t buy my argument…..there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a website and blog as well…. can serve as a more personal outlet and has the added advantage of very likely appearing in the top 5 search engine results when your clients or prospects google you….a very important component of online reputation management… which may not mean anything to you now, but what if you get a complaint or worse a BOGUS complaint…. I have experienced this first hand ……

    my two cents….

    Trace ´s last blog post..Mortgage Newsletter Marketing Basics

  5. Your post is very timely. I am considering getting a new domain name and your post has made me rethink my plan.

    Keahi Pelayo ´s last blog post..Should Military Buy Or Rent When PCS’ing to Oahu?

  6. I thought of all of this when I purchased my domain back in 2003. I thought of moving, my name, a change in company, and something general enough to be used for many purpose or areas if needed. I chose,

    I’m really happy I did. While it doesn’t have specific keywords stuffed in it pertaining to my niche or market, it’s catchy and gets the point across. Even back in 2003, short names were all taken. I imagine it must be really hard now to find a good one. I have about 5 other domain names that I’m just sitting on. Virtual real estate…

  7. I first had but the NAR said no to that – you can use the word Realtor in your domian, but it can’t point to a specific town or region (DBQ is shorthand for Dubuque, Iowa).

    Then I moved to which is still active, but its strictly a lead capture/registration required site for access to the local MLS. It has been getting less and less activity as people have tired of this sort of site.

    Now that I’m blogging, I decided to go with a name/domain that specifically isn’t so-called keyword rich. I coulda used or DBQrealestateblog, but I honestly think those names are tired sounding.

    I figured I’d play into our local geography. We’re at the banks of the Mississippi River on the east with miles and miles of corn fields to our west. Hence Yeah, it’s a long domain name, but who manually types domain names in anyway? You’ll eventually find it as a link on other sites or via good SEO.

    I’m still a newb to blogging, and especially SEO, it’ll take me some time to build up this site, but it’ll overcome the need for a keyword-rich domain name in time.

    If I’m off my rocker on this one please let me know…Rob

    Rob Cook ´s last blog post..Dubuque MLS Week in Review

  8. Rob,

    I like the domain name you chose. There is more to a domain name than being keyword rich. I like the message it conveys and the feeling for a region. River Bank to Corn fields is a perfect description. I lived in Des Moines, for 18 years. Good luck on your blogging.


  9. This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I have over 130 domains that are VERY relevant to my area. I have used Snapnames and Namejet for a very long time to scoop up expired domain names. What I did was scoop up a bunch of domain that were relevant to areas and communities in my MLS. For example I own,,, and so on. These 130+ domains produce around 25,000 hits a year. In 2006 I was able to get which is a homerun in my opinion. The Lowcountry of South Carolina is well known and Beaufort is in the heart of it. Also, Lowcountry Real Estate, the #1 real estate company in this area makes my name even better.

    A question to you all. I still have the,,, etc… My plan was to forward these to specific area/community pages of my site. Such as datawislandrealestate to my dataw page, to my coosaw island page, and so on. Is this a good idea? If not, what shall I do with all my great domain names? Letting them expire would be a hard pill to swallow.

  10. I also have a collection of domain names, mostly unused, and have found a great way to find some good ones is when they expire. I have picked up a few awesome real estate domains in other markets because the Realtor either quit, retired, or just gave up on their web site. I have also found you can get some great keyword rich domains if you are willing to accept a “-” between the words.