Checking Your Site In Different Browsers

The post “When Your Website Doesn’t Look Right” dealt with making sure your site displayed properly in multiple browsers. I still run into a lot of sites that look fine in Fire Fox but are broken in IE 6 or 7. It usually has to do with the overflow float issue IE is famous for and which causes the grinding and gnashing of teeth for a lot of bloggers.

willow leafAt least for those that care about making sure their blog is readable and not broken with the content shoved to the bottom of the page under the last entry in one of the sidebars.

I’ve had some bloggers say, “I don’t have IE, or I don’t have access to IE 6 etc.

Well now you don’t personally have to have any of these browsers to check your site and see how it displays. Simply submit your site to BrowserShots. Select as many different browsers and operating systems as you want to check and submit.

In a few minutes you will have screen shots of the way your site looks in all the browsers selected. There are lots of setup options available before you submit your site to be checked. Here is a sample of some I checked against the other day.

screen shot of tucson az real estate

When you mouse of the individual images they enlarge for a better view the various browsers displaying your site.

I would suggest anytime you change themes, add or tweak the way your theme displays you check it against this site.

You take the time to write the posts, take the photos and publish fresh content to the site. Take the extra time to check it occasionally to see, what your readers are seeing when they come to your site.

I would especially recommend this if you suddenly see a decline in readers. As a reader, I’m lazy, I don’t want to have to scroll down to see what you wrote. I’ll come back when you “Fix IT”. After coming back a few times to the same issue I wonder if there is anybody even paying attention.

BrowserShots is a great way to check your site. It is another tool that should be in your blogger blogbox.   Why the willow leaf?   It isn’t displaying right, it should be up and down, not sideways.


  1. This is brilliant Dave. I run firefox now and again, along with IE 7 the majority of the time, but this is definitely a better way. Thanks!

  2. Steve,

    I’m using FF for almost everything these days, I still check the sites in IE 6 because that is the latest version Tucson MLS will work with, go figure.

  3. Dave,

    Awesome post. I’m just working on my first site, and constantly find myself going from browser to browser making sure my new pages look right. Thanks for the info.

  4. Barry,

    It looks like you are off to a good start. You site looks great. REW is incredible.

  5. I’m definitely adding that site to my bookmarks. Interesting that the site viewed in Safari is so much longer than all of the others. I wonder why it stretches the site out like that.

  6. Another thing to consider is the screen size of people reading your blog and visiting you website.

  7. Sam, I used to worry about that, but with the advent of widescreen monitors. . . 1024 X 768 is the standard, and that’s what I go for. I used to be concerned about 800 X 600 scroll, but not anymore. Time to abandon those or scroll.

  8. Thanks for sharing. I have been looking for a tool like this for a long time!