Check Your Google Webmaster Tools Often

Flat Tire Halts Whole CarWe get busy. It happens. I know because it happens to me. I have a routine I usually go through at the start and the end of the day. It varies little, making sure everything is up and running for the hours I’m shut down.

Sometimes though a piece of that routine gets clipped. Maybe it isn’t checking the hittail search results for a few days. Sometimes it isn’t logging into the Google Webmaster Tools and that is the one I want to encourage you to check daily.

I use a Google sitemap generator plugin which generates a new sitemap with every new post and pings Google. I still manually submit it most of the time, but not always. It had been several days since I had checked the Webmaster Tools and I was surprised when I logged in to find the Lab’s sitemap had ERRORS!.

I had just published a post which would generate a new sitemap so I hand submitted it. A few minutes later it came back with ERRORS and a strong suggestion to verify the sitemap before submitting it again.

I loaded the sitemap file into a browser and it showed errors as well. Rather than try and spend time finding them, which I would if I had too, I went to the plugin option page and hand generated a sitemap. This one validated and I submitted it. In a few minutes it returned a status of OK.

But what if I hadn’t checked. What if my sitemap was sitting out there for weeks or a month and had errors in it. Probably a glitch during the read write. But whatever the cause it isn’t a good thing to overlook.

Sometimes it is the nail in the tire that brings the whole car to a halt.

This is the Monday morning reminder. Put this on your list “Check Google Webmaster Tools” and don’t forget routine maintenance is as important as increasing performance.


  1. Yup, GOOGLE is not perfect. Great idea for a t-shirt…anyway back on point. Big G has been acting strangely, they must be up to something big. I noticed in webmaster tools they had lists of unreachable urls but when I clicked them I had already set up a 301. Could be an error on my server as well I suppose…but it never hurts to check things every now and then.

  2. Charles,

    LOL Big G is never at rest, that’s one thing I like about them, at the same time it mean none of are at rest. We just hold our breath and wait for the next set of rapids.

  3. Who thinks it would be a good idea for the big G to have a sister site just for the Real estate Biz? Googlere maybey

  4. Originally Posted By Chris Conte
    Who thinks it would be a good idea for the big G to have a sister site just for the Real estate Biz? Googlere maybey

    Chris, Take a second to think about that idea. Do you really want all your content and long tails searches to be removed from the Regular Google Search and put in an RE prison where only people going to the RE sister site will find RE Relevant content?

    I don’t think so. We like it where we are, in the big playroom with all the other kids.