WordPress 2.8 If I were YOU I would WAIT

Unlike 2.7 or 2.7.1   WP took a bold new approach to the Admin side of widget management.   We all know that most of those widgets are based on Plugins.   I've already sent out an ALERT on the Simple Sidebar Navigation plugin.   It is one I know many Continue Reading

WordPress 2.7 Upgrade Complete – What A Treat

The upgrade last night on my little lab rat went so well I not only upgraded the Lab but my Tucson blog as well.   Now today I'm finding my way around anew since navigation is completely changed from any previous version.   There are a lot more Continue Reading

Getting Ready for WordPress 2.7

In the beginning, No not the one in Genesis, the beginning of the Lab.   The Lab was the rat.   It was where I tried everything out first, including new release versions of WordPress and all new plugins.   It was the Lab.   It was/is my hobby blog.   Continue Reading