A Couple of Gotcha’s with WP 3.0 Upgrade to Avoid

The other day I was asked "Hey, Dave, you upgraded to WordPress 3.o yet?"Kinda, I have most of my sites on WP 3.0.   The newer ones were easy.   Three of those were already on 3.0 Beta or 3.0 RC.The small sites running 2.9.2 were a snap as Continue Reading

WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” Released Today

I'm in Denver at #REBCDen today.   I know, I just knew WP 3.0 would be released today.   It was, and it didn't stop me from upgrading.I had one of my sites all prepped and ready to go for this contingency.   As the first session of the day ended Continue Reading

WordPress 2.6 to 2.9 Leap of Faith

Catchy title, but not true.   It was a leap from a far distant version of WP to try and close the gap all the way to 2.9.   But the leap itself was covered by:A complete site backup to the local hard drive A backup of the database A restore Continue Reading

WordPress 2.9 Oh so fine – Is It?

Yes it is. I've upgraded,   No Glitches I've upgraded 4 blogs at this point.   Last night, late, I pulled the plug and updated a couple of the kids.   (The little kids, sorry to say, which are easier to sacrifice to progress)   The kids were Continue Reading

WordPress 2.8.2 is out. YES upgrade now.

If you have already installed 2.8 or 2.8.1 you will want to upgrade to 2.8.2. There is a vulnerability that can be exploited from the admin display. This is a bug fix you don't want to ignore.If you haven't upgraded to 2.8 yet. Then there is Continue Reading

WordPress 2.8.1 is Out – Upgrade Now!

I installed a new blog today and immediately upgraded to 2.8.1.   Always easier to do on a new clean install.   I didn't really notice any difference till I went to the theme and plugin editor.Remember those nice line number and colors added to Continue Reading