WordPress 4.0 Released Today

Logged into the Lab this morning to be greeted with the notice that Wordpress 4.0 was available.  This version release is named "benny" for those keeping track.I decided to pull the switch and see how it looked.It looks good, very stable and Continue Reading

WordPress 3.6 Media Library Upload Issue with Folders

Since updating to WP 3.6 and 3.6.1  I've noticed a change in the year and month of the folder where media files are being stored.Till this update, media files have always been stored in the current year and month when the upload occurred.  So if Continue Reading

WordPress 3.5 Quick Look at Upgrading

Wordpress 3.5 was released a few weeks ago. I held off upgrading for about 10 days while some things were shaking out. I had a few friends that got antsy and pulled the upgrade plug right away. I guess it is like hearing the phone ring and having to Continue Reading

WordPress 3.4 Yeah, Get It – NOW

This is by far the most stable upgrade of a WP version I've ever seen.  I usually express caution when going to a major update like 3.4.  I didn't alter my usual practice of upgrading a few sacrificial lambs before upgrading the mother ships of my Continue Reading

WordPress 3.3 Still Working On It

I'm still working on the upgrade to 3.3.  That means, it didn't go well on all  the sites I've updated so far.  Most of them were flawless, However, When I updated the Lab one of the three custom Menus I had setup disappeared completely from the menu Continue Reading

WordPress 3.3 Available – But . . .

If it isn't broke you can probably break it It has been a few versions since I wrote about an update.  The rule of thumb (for those that want a refeasher)  Big upgrades take very precaution.  Ex.  2.9.2 to 3.0  That was a major upgrade.The Continue Reading