Star Date – Twenty Ten child theme

Just For Fun I wrote this post sometime last year but never published it. Today while cleaning up some databases on my Bluehost account I ran across this one again. Figured it was time to publish. Hope you all had a great week.I've created a Continue Reading

A TwentyTen Child Theme KISS

Wordpress 3.1 came out a couple of weeks ago and I'm hearing from quite a few bloggers just getting around to updating.  They discovered that when they updated all the changes they made to the TwentyTen theme had suddenly dis-appeared.  Yep, that's Continue Reading

TwentyTen is the prince, not the step-child

Since last year I've been doing more and more theme customization. For much of 2010 it was modifying various themes to do things users wanted that weren't supported by the theme. Things like move the navigation, additional widget areas, etc. It Continue Reading

Twenty Ten Wider Sidebar the Easy Way

Twenty Ten is an amazing theme.   The more I work with it the more I'm impressed with the coding that went into this theme.Some have been reading the various posts here about ways to modify Twenty Ten;   Wider Header and navigation, Wider Continue Reading

Twenty Ten Navigation Right

As armchair designers we sometimes want to personalize our theme to fit our taste.One of the simple changes that provides a different look is to have the Top Navigation float right instead of left.This requires a simple addition to the style Continue Reading

Twenty Ten Title and Description

How to Remove the Title and Keep the H1 Tag in Twenty Ten The H1 tag is the most important tag on site.   It is where your primary Keywords belong.   Wordpress General Tab is where you set the Site Title and Description.   Most theme designers work Continue Reading