Zemanta Plugin and Content Suggestion Tool

Image by daveintucson via FlickrEvery year I come back from REBlogWorld and BlogWorld with new ideas and toys tools to try out here at the Lab.   This year one of them is Zemanta.Last year it was Apture.   I've had that installed here at the Continue Reading

Cancelled – ALERT Simple Sidebar Navigation Plugin Not Compatible with 2.8

UPDATE: June 22, 2009 Max went to work quickly on this one and the Simple Sidebar Navigation Plugin is now completely compatible with 2.8.   I love this plugin and will have a full post on it later this week.   Be sure to read the comments Continue Reading

Put a Vertical Gallery down the side

Add Two CSS Div ClassesBy creating these two div classes below you can put your NextGen Gallery displays to the right or the left of the content in your post.   The width of the div can be modified to whatever size you want to make it.   It Continue Reading

Rebarcamp Phoenix #rebcphx After The Event

I've heard the term REBARCAMP ever since the Inman conference the summer of 08 in San Fransisco.   The term has popped up all across the country and they are growing in number every month.       As a Dial-up Geek I was curios about what they were Continue Reading

Captions Not Working Right in WordPress 2.7

Did your captions suddenly get a mind of their own when you upgraded to 2.7?The existing images with captions will be fine. However, with the advent of 2.7 captioned images are now wrapped in a "div" tag. There are two lines of code you will Continue Reading

Bloodhound Scenius in a Widget

(UPDATE) While helping get a Bloodhound Senius Widget up and running using the Fun With Widgets Plugin we discovered there is a conflict between that plugin and the Thesis theme. I recently ran across another plugin (My Custom Widget) which I Continue Reading