Changing Hosting Companies – Don’t forget the email

Where'd My Email Go?I migrate a lot of Wordpress sites in a year.  I'm guessing between 70 or 80 sites in the last year.  Most of those from one hosting company to another.One thing often overlooked are email accounts.  Yes, your domain email Continue Reading

WordPress 2.2.1 Upgrade

Today I took the plunge once again and upgraded to the latest version of Wordpress 2.2.1 here at the lab. I don't know about you but these things make me nervous every time I do them. As you can see I'm giving roses for this mini upgrade, for all Continue Reading

Plugoo vs Meebo

The other night I was getting the Scoop on Michigan Real Estate when I noticed Maureen had a new IM thingy (technical term) on her blog.    Plugoo isn't a plug-in.   It is  a script that I put in a text box in the widgets  setup screen  once the Continue Reading

WordPress 2.2 upgrade for Real Estate Blog Lab

Early this morning, I took the Lab up to Wordpress 2.2. I did the 5 step process as recommended.Backup all the files Deactivate all the plug-ins Install the new files overwriting the old ones Run upgrade.php Re-activate the plug-insI Continue Reading

Google Site Search

Have you ever done a Google search and when you clicked on a link it went to the homepage of the site and not to the information you were looking for.Most of us take 1 millionth of a second to see it isn't there and rather than try and find Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – Setting up WordPress

Setting up the wp-configure.php file Before you can install Wordpress you have to have a valid MYSQL database setup and you have to create the wp-configure.php file.Here is the current place to go to get The latest version of Continue Reading