Put a Vertical Gallery down the side

Add Two CSS Div ClassesBy creating these two div classes below you can put your NextGen Gallery displays to the right or the left of the content in your post.   The width of the div can be modified to whatever size you want to make it.   It Continue Reading

Serendipitous Marketing – Real Estate is Graphic

Pictures, people want to look at pictures. They buy magazines for the pictures. They look at houses on line because of pictures. The more pictures you have of a home in the MLS the quicker it sells. Choosing where to live is like buying a piece Continue Reading

Choosing a Real Estate Related Domain Name

Biz Buzz News Market Stats Trends 411 on Domain Names All the good domain names are taken.   Easy to say, and in some cases it might be true.   But I doubt it.   There are always new words and combinations of words coming into the popular Continue Reading

YouTube Cell Phone Cameras and the Blair Witch Project

I remember when I saw the Blair Witch Project.   I'll admit I saw it.   I hated it, from start to finish, but it was the fore runner of YouTube in many ways.YouTube and Cell Phone cameras are your best friends.   Why, because they have Continue Reading

Serendipitous Marketing Don’t Over Target Your Content

One of my principles of Serendipitous Marketing.   Don't over target your content.A paradox of targeted searches: "More is Less"   the more criteria you enter for a search, the more restrictive the results.I once missed out on a great house Continue Reading

Serendipitous Marketing

Serendipitous Marketing is a concept a lot of real estate bloggers have a hard time getting a handle on.   So let's try and put a handle on it.Serendipitous Marketing is the flip side of "Word of Mouth"   It is a term I use when talking about Continue Reading