Click Here – An Old Practice that Should DIE!

Click here - one of the covered wagons of the web In the very early days of surfing the web (Translated, before search engines)  It was a common practice to use the anchor text of Click Here.  And why not, there was no Bing, Yahoo or Google.  No Continue Reading

Photos an Overlooked Part of Your Real Estate Blog Traffic

Photos on a blog post are cute, sometimes they have nothing to do with the post, sometimes they are stolen and used without permission, but that is a post already written, just not by me. They should enhance the post. Photos are like adding Continue Reading

Google Dance Update

Any body feeling the effects of the Google Dance on the last update a few days ago? I've read about an update taking place on a couple of forums. Many seem to have noticed some big changes in their rankings for key search terms. Most were not happy Continue Reading

Building a Google Trustbox

The discussion of the Google Sandbox goes on and on. Some say it doesn't exist, other say it does most certainly exist. Lately I've read some are calling it the Trustbox and not a Sandbox.Trustbox makes sense. I think you can build a Google Continue Reading

Check Your Permalinks with WordPress 2.1

UPDATE     Here is a great plugin for changing your Permalink structure.   It creates 301 redirects when you change the permalinks.      I've noticed lately that Google was showing a lot of missing URL and  URL's not found and HTTP errors.I Continue Reading

Consolidating URL and A Little Help from Friends

  The trials and travails of this little experiment have take their toll on sleep and other things in life the past couple of days.   But in barely two month of existence.   Lots of help from 2000 bloggers project and others linking here we broke Continue Reading