Jquery Accordion Menu for Neat Sidebars

It is a pretty common for a real estate blog to have a lot of links in their sidebars to custom searches, featured categories, etc.Long lists of links can be visually distracting.  It reminds me of a line from "The Land of Point" Oblio and Arrow Continue Reading

Shadow Inventory Just for fun

This post is to show you how you can use a little in-line styling to enhance any post in which you mention the dreaded SHADOW INVENTORYNot all browsers will render (IE) the text-shadow.  But for the ones that do, it adds a little emphasis to the Continue Reading

Think before you spam that email

You just might be shooting yourself to the Google Spam filter. Now seems to be the season of SEO companies to be hitting contact forms on blogs websites everywhere.The message is simple and usually worded the same.Want more traffic to your Continue Reading

NextGen Scroll Gallery

Do I really think it ROCKS!  Well, it made for a nice catchy title.I'm recommending this plugin to all my clients using NextGen Gallery.I especially like the way it shows listing photos.Once installed there is top level admin navigation Continue Reading

The Case Against In-line Styles

I've never been a fan of inline styling. For one thing it makes the page source busy. And the biggest is the words of styling on a page do count against your keyword density. It is much better to deal with styling in the style sheet. That's why it is Continue Reading

Know Your Target Audience

The first thing you need to decide when setting up your site should always be "Who's My Target Audience"Once you have defined your target audience it is time to be sure you know your target audience.Let me give you a simple example.I Continue Reading