Tiga Theme looses Formatting.

I'm using the Tiga theme for Wordpress on this blog and 6 others.   I like the theme and the flexibilty using the Tigarator (anyboby else  thinking Arnold here) for formatting the look of the blog quickly and easily.  There is one big bug.   If Continue Reading

RSS Chicklets in Sidebar Widget

Wait a miniute I thought I already read this, but now it is different.    Have you ever watched a movie over and found out they changed the ending on you since  you last saw it.   Well I'm changing this entire post.If RSS Feeds are a mystery to Continue Reading

Mary, Mary, not contrary, how does your MeMe Grow

Maureen Francis  tagged me for the latest round of contagion going around.   This virus was started in another part of the blogosphere when it hit Mary McKnight at RSS Pieces it mutated quickly and began infecting the real estate blog Continue Reading

Accessibility Widget | A Blessing for Older Eyes

UPDATE:   This widget may be missing,   But here is a post you might want your readers to be aware ofControl Key Plus Scroll Equals BIGGER TEXTI'm not going to say how old my eyes are, lets just say the more light in a room the better they Continue Reading

MyBlogLog Widget Code Produces W3C Errors

Sellsius introduced me and many others in our community to MyBlogLog.   I fell in love with this widget and I know many others have as well.   It is a lot of fun to see who has been reading, or at least visiting your blog. MyBlogLog has really taken Continue Reading

Another Real Estate Blog Are You Kidding Me?

Another real estate blog, but this isn't like any other real estate blog that I've found.   It will have elements of many great blogs about real estate and real estate blogging.   It is to fill a nitch in real estate blogging.It is born out of Continue Reading