WordPress 2.1 Upgrade Update

It has been an "interesting" couple of days since our upgrade to Worpress 2.1   For now here is my recommendation, WAIT   This upgrade is not ready for prime time.  MeaningIf you like to spend  hours and possibly days  getting your blog back Continue Reading

WordPress 2.1 is out Ella it is

Last last night I saw the new version of Wordpress was available for download and installation.   I added it first to the Tucson Real Estate in The News.   I followed the instruction of de-activationg all the plugins and backing up the database Continue Reading

Describe That House

I know that many of you have to write descriptions for listings.   Sometimes for  flyers or print media ads.    The Lab provides you with this list of  46 descriptive terms from which to choose so you can get back to the important aspect of Real Continue Reading

When Your Blog Doesn’t Look Right

Build it and they will come, but will they  stay or come back?  In the past couple of days I've run across several blogs that aren't displaying well in Internet Explorer (IE).   I'm still using version 6 since our local Tucson MLS isn't Continue Reading

Add a little margin to your blog photos

When you place a photo in a blog post do you just live with the text running right up to the edge of your image.   Would you like to have some margin, but you don't know how to get it.   Here is an easy way to get what you want.Images can be Continue Reading

A Great Real Estate Camera – Kodak V570

This last year we had a lot more listing than usual.    I was taking a lot of photos of interiors as well as outside shots.    One of the frustrating things I've run into is trying to take interior shots that didn't  make the rooms look small.   Continue Reading