Real Estate Marketing and Video Technology

"Hi, I know we were coming to town this next weekend, but one of the homes you sent us is really interesting and we see it just came on the market.   Could you go over and take some more photos.   We want to see all the bedrooms and the inside of the Continue Reading

I’m calling about your ad in the paper

On weekends when we are planning on holding an open house, yeah, we still hold them live as well as virtual on the net.Anyway, as I was saying, on those weekends we will often run an ad in the paper complete with a photo of the property and Continue Reading

Ordie Tryin Realtor Extarodinaire

Have you ever heard of  Ordie Tryin the Realtor?   He has done a lot of marketing over the years doing his best to represent buyers and sellers in his real estate market.   Ordie is one of those old ways are best kind of agent.You know the ones, Continue Reading

Fair Housing and Real Estate Blogging

I just attended a fair housing class for my license renewal.   I always love this class, it makes me never want to talk to another living person about real estate. I'm glad the work I do involves never taking a listing and never writing a contract.   Continue Reading

Open House Out House

(We interrupt our series on time shifting open houses to bring you this mundane message about a live open house  held today.)  Today we  were on the way back home from holding another great open house.We had one visitor during the three Continue Reading

Single Property Sites – A Time-shift Open House

One of the greatest things to come along is the ability to see some of our favorite televisions shows when ever we want.   Time shifting isn't new, with VCR's people have been practicing time shifting for a couple of decades.   Tivo came along to the Continue Reading