P3 Plugin Profiler

Google the Game I'm sure there are a couple of you reading this have played a video game or two.  You have probably played a racing game or some kind of combat game where you had so many credits to work with and you had to outfit yourself with those Continue Reading

Plugin Memorandum

Have you even installed a couple of plugins and for some reason not check to see what the effect might have been on your site?  It happens, especially if those plugins are admin site plugins (meaning they don't add anything to the front end of the Continue Reading

Diverse Solutions Mobile Script

I know a lot of RE bloggers are using Diverse Solutions for their IDX provider.  We use DS on our Tucson site and love it.  Our biggest problem is keeping the number of registrations under 1000.  As an aside I wish DS would provide a better Continue Reading

WordPress 3.3 Let’s Do IT

I've now updated the big guns in my arsenal of Wordpress sites.  The only one that had any difficulty at all was the Lab.  I had a custom menu disappear from the menu editor.  It still existed, and worked on site, but I couldn't view or edit the Continue Reading

I Want My Email Address Clickable

Mailto @: = "SPAM IN MY INBOX" You want people to contact you don't you?  Well of course you do.  You want to plaster your email address all over your site in hope they will contact you "For All Their Real Estate Needs". (Yes, that's Continue Reading

Tool Tips to tip-off Your Visitors

Real Estate is no exception when it comes to having it's own nomenclature.  We live inside the world of FSBO, REO, BINSR, SPDS, Active Capa, CMA, etc. and use these terms  on a daily basis.Even something as simple as "Home Finder"  what does that Continue Reading