Switched to Genesis? Did you Rebuild Thumbnails?

Ajax Thumbnails Rebuild I've been building a few sited on Genesis using some of their Responsive theme designs.  One thing I noticed as I ran page speed tests on each of the conversions had to do with the thumbnail images usually displayed on the Continue Reading

Social Media Follow Buttons

Social Media plugins tend to be real resource hogs (That means they can really slow your site down). They often have hundreds of files and images that add overhead to your site as the plugin loads and displays. Therefore, an off-site routine that Continue Reading

Helping The Pinterest Adicts to Pin

There is always one major gateway to each social media site.  For Facebook it is getting "liked" for Twitter a "Re-tweet"  For Pinterest is it getting "Pinned"  The biggest difference with Pinterest,  Only images can be pinned, not content. So why Continue Reading

Sharing Content on Social Media without a Plugin

There are a lot of social media plugins available for Wordpress bloggers.  But every social media plugin comes with a good deal of baggage.  They typically have a lot of files for the SM icons they add to your site.  Most are not optimized and quite Continue Reading

WordPress SEO or All-In-One SEO

The answer depends on how much work you want to do.  Do you already have All-In-One SEO on your site?  If the answer is yes, did you fill in the SEO description and title fields under the post editor? Why Stay with All-In-One-SEO If you have had Continue Reading

WordPress SEO Permalink issue

I've recently added Wordpress SEO to a few of my sites for testing.  I noticed the other day a change in what was happening to my permalinks to posts and pages. Normally, I give a post a title and save the draft.  Then I write the post and often Continue Reading