Clean Archives Plugin One Cool Geek with Laptop

Almost everyday I hit the links at the bottom of the dashboard page and check the new plugins and themes available for Wordpress.On May 16 in the plugins post there was an archives plugin mentioned.I had just been setting up a new theme one Continue Reading

Single Property Site – Plugins

Plugins really make setting up a single property site much easier.   One Plugin I use heavily is the Sidebar Widget plugin, when you chose a theme you want to make sure it is "Widget ready" or "widgetized"   if not you will need to know how to go in Continue Reading

Comment Spam Trap – WordPress Plugin

I ran across this little beauty a few days ago.   The Comment Spam Trap is a Wordpress plugin that is simple and easy to install.   Once installed you just sit back and watch the spam disappear.  When I first installed the plugin I set up the Continue Reading

WordPress 2.1 Upgrade Update 1.1

Things are rolling along nicely in the world of Wordpress 2.1   I reported just a few days ago that I didn't thing this version was ready for prime time, it wasn't.   I think it is much closer now and most could update now following the upgrade Continue Reading

When Your Blog Doesn’t Look Right

Build it and they will come, but will they  stay or come back?  In the past couple of days I've run across several blogs that aren't displaying well in Internet Explorer (IE).   I'm still using version 6 since our local Tucson MLS isn't Continue Reading

Sitemap Plugin

I wanted a sitemap on our Tucson Real Estate blog. I went looking  on the WordPress plugin section site.   I found Dagon Design sitemap plugin  easy to install and configure and it does exactly what I wanted it to do.   You can see it at work on the Continue Reading