Real Estate Blog Lab Nice to Have Plugins

Thanks to Eric Blackwell for his contribution of Eric Blackwell’s Must Have WordPress Plugins . By the way Eric now has the distinction of the post with the highest number of comments at 22. (Talk about give a guy a complex, a single guest post Continue Reading

Eric Blackwell’s Must Have WordPress Plugins

Maureen Francis of MIOaklandCounty asked "On another note, I am looking around for any must have WP plugins. Would like to see a bunch of us post what we are using to see what we can learn."Eric is the first victim volunteer to share his list of Continue Reading

Realivent CMA request Form on the Lab

Has anyone found it odd that there is a CMA Request form on the lab?I thought someone might ask me about it, but I haven't had anyone inquire about it.Yep, I'm running another experiment on this CMA Request Plugin from Realivant.I like Continue Reading

Plugoo vs Meebo

The other night I was getting the Scoop on Michigan Real Estate when I noticed Maureen had a new IM thingy (technical term) on her blog.    Plugoo isn't a plug-in.   It is  a script that I put in a text box in the widgets  setup screen  once the Continue Reading

Share This Social Bookmarking Plug-in

Have you seen this symbol on blog posts? It is usually located at the bottom of the post, but it can be put anywhere you want to display it, within reason of course.This is from Alex King's blog. It was about creating an icon for his share this Continue Reading

MyAvatars-Plugin for MyBlogLog Missing!

Sometime on May 18th I noticed all the avatars for mybloglog suddenly disappeared from all my blogs comments.Oh, My!!I quickly changed from IE to FF and they were still missing. I changed to another computer, gone.I Continue Reading