File Uploads to Your WordPress Blog for the Road Warrior

The WP Easy Uploader is a great tool for your blogging toolbox even if you don't use it very often. WP Easy Uploader This plugin allows you to upload files, any type of files, to any directory on your hosting.   Granted it requires permissions to Continue Reading

Custom Post Limits Plugin

I've been looking for a plugin to do this for a long time. Custom Post Limits let you set how many posts are returned in the many ways they can be accessed. Searches, Archive, Category, etc.The way it is by default in WP is the number of posts Continue Reading

Style Boxes, Like Callout Box But Different

Here's a new plugin that will give you a similar effect of a Callout box.   You don' t have to do any styling or CSS changes for this plugin to do it's magic on your blog.   You do have to know a little HTML, just enough to add a p class to your Continue Reading

My Snippet Plugin

Oh, I got a Real Blog Lab Gem for you today.  I just downloaded and installed the My Snippet Plugin.  I've got it working on the Lab and already ran a small test with it.  What does it do?  I'm glad you asked. What is My Snippet Plugin You can Continue Reading

WordPress Mobile Admin Plugin

Wordpress Mobile Admin NOT Mobile Theme Wordpress Mobile Admin is a plugin by Rich Gubby the Mobile Web Junkie.   Rich, if you remember, is the author of the Wapple Mobile Plugin that I wrote about a few months back.   Because it relies on a third Continue Reading

Twitter Goodies Widgets

Twitter Goodies WidgetsI've tested a lot of Twitter widgets here at the Lab. This is the latest. I like it quite a bit. For one thing it incorporates Twitter Lists. It also lets me totally customize the colors, look and feel of these Continue Reading