CTabs Plugin

I've tried a lot of tabbed content plugins. I've not found one yet that worked as promised, in some cases even worked. But I keep trying. The latest I've seen is this one called CTabls. It popped up on the "New Plugins for Nov. 28, 2010 Continue Reading

TSL Iframe Unfilter

We who blog in RE often find our IDX solution is an "Iframe" solution.   But there is one really annoying downside to Iframes and Wordpress.   The visual editor will strip out Iframe code if you switch to the the visual tab.   So we put the Iframe in Continue Reading

WP Hide Pages

Keep Your Top Navigation Contained with WP Hide PagesThe other day a friend said he wanted to hide some pages from showing up in his top navigation menu.   The theme he is using didn't expand the top nav and he had too many pages to keep the Continue Reading

Dynamic Widgets

This is one cool tool for your blog tool box.Here is why . . . When I first saw this new plugin pop-up today I thought it was another form of:Simple Sidebar Navigation Advanced Text Widget My Custom Widgetswhere you can select Continue Reading

Search and Replace a Time Saver

This little plugin is always in my toolbox of "I don't want to live without this" plugin.   I don't use it often but when I do it is a dragon slayer.   Let me give you a couple of examples where this little tool shines and shows it's stuff. Search Continue Reading

Easily Navigate Pages on Dashboard

I like a plugin name that tells you exactly what it does, even if it is a long name.Easily Navigate Pages on Dashboard is one of these plugins. If you have a lot of pages on your blog, this could be a great help in quickly navigating to your Continue Reading